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Thinking of buying this. I need the best specs.

Should I be a fucking retard go with the Enchanter build?
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And you ask on /a/ because?
Are you wearing glasses?
This is important
be prepared for counteractions

also you need fast internet to handle the database
Is Glasses Adjuster Simulator 2014 DLC or a full app?
>It's still in beta
>babbies first mmo

Good luck catching up to the max level tryhards and their flying mounts.
File: 1377136211865.png (277.15 KB, 495x692)
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>Ever playing beta of a mmo
How bad
Actually, when Elder Tales would have came out, there was no thing as "best specs" or wiki-anything. You didn't know shit about the game. Nobody did. You just dove in and played it.

>new Everquest expansion comes out

Sweet. Lets go run out into the world and explore what's in the new zones while dying horribly!

Nowadays everything is datamined and the beta testers post full-run-throughs before the shit is even released. Kinda depressing and shitty.
>Elder Tale Minimum specs
Processor: 666mhz CPU
Video: HD Graphics 2000
Memory: 256 mb ram
Storage: 62 gb available HDD space
Internet: Broadband internet connection, minimum UL 1mb/s
Input: Keyboard and trackball recommended
Resolution: 860x480 pixels minimum, recommended 1024x768

This will let you play Elder Tales in RO-mode, where everything is rendered as 2d sprites with a locked camera. However, it's only the bare minimum and it ends up really reducing draw distance, which can be a problem with ranged mobs.
>Storage: 62 gb available HDD space
Is the Database for this game this big?
RO-Mode is an addon when you're downloading the installer. It still requires the base ET game to function, which is about 50 gb.
/v/ pls go.

Wouldn't adding sugar to the coffee turn it to purple goo?

No, it's mentioned in the novel that adding salt and sugar need level 0 chef, so everyone can do it.
That I think is the pre-Apoc patch. The Half Gaia file should take up to 150gb if you want to take out the loading times.
You mean pre-Pioneers of the Novasphere, RIGHT?

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