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ITT: Anime adaptions that are better than the manga their based on.
Also please give reasons.

Alien 9:
I watched the anime first and liked it very much. It had this creepy atmosphere of psychological terror and an unknown omnipresent threat underlying the seemingly cheerful design and themes,which was also supported by its great music, making it somewhat similiar to Narutaru.
Yuris psychological problems like her fear of growing up and having to take responsibilities, as well as her self-doubts were presented fairly well and more subtle than in most other anime.

However when I read the manga afterwards I was bit disappointed. The atmosphere had much less impact (which I mainly blame on the absence of the music) and many themes, while still present, were less distinct than in the anime. It seemed like the anime made some interpretations beyond what was originally intended in the manga. Also the first (the adapted) part of the manga was the best one. Afterwards it became a bit repetitive with everyone dying and coming back to life again and again.... I still enjoyed it though, and since I read more Tomizawa works by now, I know that this is pretty typical for him.
Mushshi did it really well, GaReiZero was better too.

Very rare though.
It's really rare. I'd also add Elfen Lied. The ending of the manga was simply retarded and the anime cut out some of the stupidest scenes. Plus the music was great.

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