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Which of these would you fear the most as your enemy?
>right one
The story is so gay and full of plot holes I could only sleep with my back to the wall
>he doesn't know my name
>he's just a regular human, a bullet will be enough to kill him
Light, I'm on facebook afterall...

Death Note got a lot more powerful since it came out
Lulu obviously. Fucker can literally tell your friends and family to kill you on sight. Or have the cops arrest you as he reveals himself to kill you.
Both equally for completely different reasons.

Yagami because he's a fucking lunatic and he just needs my name and face to wipe me off the planet.

Lamperouge because he's a strategic genius who'd either predict or out maneuver anything I tried. Or just look me in the eye.

I'll go with Lelouch because he's got focus. Light's cracked and therefore liable to slip.
been a while since i watched it - have any examples for plotholes?
Light because the guy is a sure and true sociopath and Lelouch, at least, can be stupefied by huge dollops of emotions so all I'd need to do is figure out his weak points or at least play nice.

Light would probably just smite me because he /can/.
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The one on the left

I'd feel more comfortable around Lelouch because he's a good guy, but if he became my enemy I'd be more afraid of him

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