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Konata vs Tomoki
>your opinion and general discussion
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i'd fug both
I think Konata is a girl everyone would like, since she's very social and easy to deal with although very energetic.
Tomoki on the other hand is the opposite, but she is not a bad girl. She is not as compatible as Konata, but she has potential to hang with people and being easy to deal with as well + not as energetic. I think her energetic moments are only the way they are, because she is desperate like hell and thinks less and talks more. A lot of gibberish is the result.

Personally, I can't say which one I dig more.
But Tomoki is more realistic, yet depressing.
But that might disappear if she actually gets some friends.
There is no doubt that I can relate more to her, which kinda sucks. But yea...
File: 1377744471384.gif (468.99 KB, 500x281)
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Konata always. She's perfect. She enjoys being an otaku while having friends and doing stuff with them, and not overload them with mangas and anime.
I want to lick the grime off of Tomoko's dirty armpits.
Although she looks a tad greasy,
I think it just looks like that due to sleepy eyes and messy hair.
I think she maintains her body daily.
>not sure about the statement of the two guys who said it smells funny like their grandpa's house, when Tomoko passed them
But having musty clothes and being dirty are two different type of things imo.

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