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Who is the single wealthiest private individual in anime?

discounting: organization, businesses, conglomerates, syndicates, &c
probably totoro?
Scrooge McDuck.
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Get on my level, mongrels.

Just wait until someone summons Mansa Musa.
Those midas aliens from [C]. Their money is so strong they can erase parts of the world with it.
Hold up. I love the Count of Monte Cristo but I've never seen Gankutsuou. Is the Count really presented as the antagonist in the anime?
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Number one
>(c. 1280 – c. 1337)
Naruto, because he has the power of friendship, the greatest treasure.
Ten tons of gold at lest adeserve a honorable mention, right?
Scrooge McDuck

he's a goddamn elf demon thing with fangs
What. Who's the MC then?
I need to watch it, Monte Cristo is my favorite book.
File: 1386841746279.png (156.70 KB, 553x546)
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Unless you can show me the Duck Tails, TaleSpin, or Quack Pack anime, then no.
The MC is Albert, Morcef' son.
Here's a protip: It's a good anime, but a bad adaptation, as it veers away from the events of the book about halfway through. Watch it, but don't go in expecting to see the really happy ending of the book.
Not so bad then.

I see. I'll watch it, thanks.
The book has a happy ending ? How is that even possible
That would amount to 295.000.000 €. Not that much when it's about the filthy rich people.
File: haydee.jpg (106.69 KB, 1024x768)
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The count exacts his vengeance, and in the unabridged version, the count goes back to the Chateau D'If and finds the Abbe Faria's book. In it, he finds a bible verse that basically justifies his vengeance. He then sets up Max and Valentine and has his happy end with his waifu Haydee, who loves the Count. Max and Valentine receive the Count's fortune as a gift, and then Monte Cristo travels the world with his newfound love, taking it as a sign that God has forgiven him
File: temp4.png (96.81 KB, 263x219)
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Didn't we just have that guy in Kill la Kill with this own currency?
But that currncy was for Osaka only.
He's certainly a billionaire, but I doubt he's the richest individual in all of Manga.
I could see some Space Emperors to be insanely rich, trillionaires in $ at least, the winner is most likely someone who has access to the resources of several planets, the more the better.
File: its chilly.png (283.68 KB, 640x480)
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>Space Emperors
>access to the resources of several planets
File: seki.jpg (83.89 KB, 635x786)
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Owner of the sun.
Tony Stark since we got an Iron Man anime...

Why couldn't it be like that original PV?
File: batmoe.jpg (118.16 KB, 720x416)
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I read the book and liked the anime more. It could have explored the count's imprisonment a bit more, but the ending to the book completely sucked.
>He exacts his vengeance
No he doesn't, his past lover -- whatever her name was -- asks him to stop and he says ok and leaves.

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