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/a/ TV Guide?

Hi, I'm planing to buy a TV, and since most of the stuff I watch is anime, may as well ask you anons what do you recommend to watch anime (and maybe play some vidya).

I was looking for something between $600-$800. Also I was wondering if is worth it to buy a sound system for those prices?

any other recommendations or pics of your battlestations are welcome.
wrong board, newfuck.

/g/ is the better anime board mate, ask them. We dun watch anime around here.
Anything about 35 - 40 inches for perfect PS3 + animu. I don't know about prices though.
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>watch anime
I don't really do that, I just read what I hear in the threads and then pretend to know what I'm complaining about.
Definitely not the right board. Regardless, you should know what you probably want a 1080p TV and that refresh rate is not going to matter very much for anime since Japan is still many years behind in framerate so refresh rate won't matter unless you are using interpolation software.
But he did mention vidya. I tried playing xb360 on a 50" LED 240hz TV and there was almost a full second of input delay. I'm not sure how that shit works but you want to check it out beforehand.
If you can get your hands on one I'd recommend the Panasonic TC-P50S60 or any other higher end Panasonic plasma. It's the best you'll be able to get until OLED is resonably priced.

I'd recommend asking this question on /g/ though, to be honest.
You're right, I should have asked on /g/, anyway, thanks.
Buy a 24 or 27 inch IPS monitor you dumbshit.
CRT or bust.

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