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So /a/, what are the chances of 20th Century Boys being animated? How do you think it would turn out?
if the movie is successful, it may get an anime in a few years
Hoping the same team behind Monster pick it up.
It would fail unless they produce 70+ episodes to do this epic mangu justice.
The first 50 or so episodes would be fucking awesome, the rest would be mediocre to borderline shitty. Just like the manga.
yeah. After first Friend's arc the mangu should have ended asap. The entire concept of a second friend is fail, not to mention the return of kenji which is probably the single worst executed idea in the manga.
Shit manga is made of shit. Everything is made up on the fly with constantly changing flashbacks making for the most contrived plot twists. Shit is worse than a Dickens novel. Monster is so much better it's hard to believe it's from the same author.
I'm pretty sure you're right that he had it planned out about the the half-way point but then he had to start making stuff up. But, if they make an anime, since they already have a rough-draft in the form of the manga, they can rework everything and make it work perfectly. It'll be awesome.

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