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So who was the purple hair chick?
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bump, noone knows?

Is it maybe a reference to the visual novel or something?
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post a pic to jog my memory

She appears towards the end.

Besides that there's also an unexplainable appearance in one of the late eps, 21 ("Being Meltdown") I think. Kurisu and Okabe is sitting in a stair, talking, and then the scene quickly flickers to the purple-hair chick.
kurisu with strange lighting
I think its just Kurisu stylized with purple hair. I don't recall that being in the VN. I'll rewatch that part of the episode and see whats up.
lurk more
the pointed bangs are a dead giveaway

I thought so too. Naturally, she looks identical to Kurisu except for the hair part.

But the one piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit together is that scene in ep 21. We get a quick flash to that chick, and the lightning looks normal. (And this is actually just the only time when the chick is "awake").

It just doesn't fit. Maybe it alludes to some parallel version of Kurisu.

While I'm at it, Okabes dream from 65 B.C. is also something that doesn't come together straight away.
65 million*

So my point is that there seems to be bits and pieces here and there that are left unexplained. It's up to us to come up with somet theory.
have you seen the movie yet? maybe its explained there or something. I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I've seen the movie, it doesn't add or explain anything.

Personally, I'd recommend you against seeing the movie. The series got a good conclusion in ep 24 + OVA/25.

I think the movie just 'draws it out'.
Basically the movie's plot is: "Oh wait, more trouble. Ah well good that we manages to solve that."
The movie was supposed to show that the series had consequences. Plus, Steins;Gate is just one part of a bigger series to begin with.

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