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This is what you should believe in
I liked Mirai Nikki.
Hello! /a/ speaking!

You're perfectly entitled to like shit.
Yes and? Most anons regarded it as garbage, they just read/watched it for Yuno.
Hell, the ending was so fucking stupid that some anons jokingly guessed it.
First 2/3 is decent. Somewhere in the last 1/3 you could see the author wrote himself into the corner and really didn't know where to go so the ending was garbage.
After random-kun died it went downhill for me
This is what you should believe in
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Yeah yeah, see this is /a/ speaking.

Your anime is in a list of things that we hate. Because you like it you are an automatic faggot and public enemy no. #1 of /a/ and should fuck off back to /v/.

☑ Hating english dubs
☑ Watching subs
☑ Watching HorribleSubs
☑ Watching raws
☑ Hating Commie
☑ Hating Crunchyroll
☑ Hating streams
☑ Hating common shows (TTGL, Eva, Cowboy Bebop etc.)
☑ Hating meta threads
☑ Hating One Piece
☑ Hating Naruto
☑ Hating Bleach
☑ Hating VLC
☑ Hating /v/
☑ Hating /co/
☑ Hating /pol/
☑ Hating /sp/
☑ Hating /3/
☑ Hating Future Diary <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
☑ Using MPEG
☑ Using excessive amounts of encoding jargon with MPEG
☑ Torrenting anime
☑ Liking DxD girls but not the show itself
☑ Thinking Demonbane is the most powerful anime character ever
☑ Suggesting Boku No Pico to anyone who asks for rec's
☑ Spoiling the latest episodes of a show that's currently airing
☑ Blaming the IRC for every shitpost
☑ Hating anime

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>First 2/3 is decent
mirai nikki has yuno in it, therefore it is automatically god-tier, AOTF
I'm sick of this argument, she's not even a good yandere
Yunofags are as delusional as Yuno herself.
It had certainly one of the most terrible endings I've ever seen.

What. The final episodes were the only ones I truly enjoyed. Everything before that felt like it was just going through the motions, bland, and pointless to watch.
Also that coin-catch game bullshit was just terrible.
OP here,

my opinion is like absolute. People literally worship me as a god.
I said it was decent. I didn't say it was good. Decent concept, execution and follow through was really bad but the idea wasn't that terrible. The ending was a fucking trainwreck.
I just deleted it from my back log without watching the first episode
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>objective, but pushy
>not wrong but subjective

Why you people so dumb?
What a coincidence, I'm about to watch episode 18

I don't think I've ever watched so many episodes of such a horrible show, the only reason I haven't dropped it yet is because of Yuno. Also, I'm surprised we don't get daily Frodo threads about it, the whole show is basically a big plot hole
Dats right niqquhs, It aint no Mirai Nikki, its Big Size Shitty.
wot m8?
ouwqhefoiuhreogh, fagets?
It reminded me of Shana Part 3.
You should believe in my opinion.
Deus, get the fuck out you faget.
>because of Yuno
In situations like dees. I have my penis out of my pants accompanied by my right hand.

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