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You've prolly seen love in some anime, right. You know, the emotional moments that make you weep like the little faggot that you are and carve the deep hollow tunnel of despair into your angst ridden soul. That's the feeling! No, actually that's more like the lack of it. Anyways...

What's love? Well, I've done some serious research on that. So if you please, allow me to introduce the differend styles of loving. All six of 'em. This is basically all you need to know when it comes to living happy & meaningful life. In the end of the day love will either take you straight to heaven or bring you down down down to the deepest pits of the hell. So listen up.
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Eros, Ai [愛] (when it comes to chinese, 戀 would be more suitable for you guys since it refers to homosexuality) - The first type is about physics. When you jerk off to that moe moe pic you just saved from /h/, it's Eros we are talking about minus the passion. If you, say, can't get enough of your blond classmates well developed -yet firm- breast, now that's pure Eros right there.
File: 1204839384177.jpg (20 KB, 704x396)
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Ludus - Playful love. That's when you like to torment you beloved one with email just for the hell of it, basically. Underrated type.
File: 1204839423562.jpg (4 KB, 300x49)
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Agape - Spiritual & fandom love. That's the way you love you absolutely fav series. Can get pretty ugly as Cirno9s case demonstrates. Moving on. Pic unrelated.
File: 1204839506720.jpg (113 KB, 450x450)
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Storge - Typical harem anime love. the lead cast slowly develops feelings towards each other. Sympathy of the souls and all that. Gets lame after few episodes.
File: 1204839589970.gif (19 KB, 300x360)
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Pragma - It's shit. Disregard this type.
Not this shit again.
I thought you were banned.

Why aren't you banned?
File: 1204839660681.jpg (30 KB, 704x396)
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Mania - This is where it's at. Don't let the name confuse you, this is the real thing right here! The feeling that makes your life a living daydream and makes you end up as a living human vortex of elemental despair or something like that. Whatever. It's not like it matters or anything. Why don't you just... just forget about it, okay. You know babe.... I- I didn't mean all that stuff with those mean messages. It's just that. I- I just can't keep it together. We're so differend, you know. It's not like it matters or anything, honestly. It's just that... All the boys, you know. All of them staring at you like that... I don't think I can take it. Not like I own you or anything. I just... I'm not going to share you with anyone anymore. Listen! No more panty shots. No more any of that fanservice stuff. I love you, you know. I do I really do.
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In before Meru deletes this out if shame.

Forgot my sage.
I can use wiki too!

Love styles are models of lovers developed by John Lee (1973, 1988). He identified six basic theories -- also known as "colors" of love -- that people use in their interpersonal relationships:

* Eros — a passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love
* Ludus — a love that is played as a game or sport; conquest
* Storge — an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity
* Pragma — love that is driven by the head, not the heart; undemonstrative
* Mania — highly volatile love; obsession; fueled by low self-esteem
* Agape — selfless altruistic love; spiritual; motherly love
>What is love?
Baby don't hurt me...
Lemme help you out with that.
well, duh.
File: 1204839833270.jpg (89 KB, 750x750)
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fucking hell, go fuck yourself tripfag
File: 1204839867404.gif (163 KB, 295x210)
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163 KB GIF
Is Meru the reason we don't have SZS threads anymore? Because everyone sages them just because Meru might post?
Fuck off tripfag.
I smirked.
Look who's talking.
forgot my sage
What? a tripfag thats not talking bullshit at the same level?
also this thread needs more sage

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