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I finally got around to watching Yukikaze but i need you to clear something out for me. In the very beginning of the last episode, when they come back from Earth to Fairy, Yukikaze aims a missile at himself and apparently blows himself up after being trapped in this JAM alternative dimnesion or whatever, but the episode then progresses as if nothing has happened. What the hell? Maybe there are some connoisseurs among you who've read the book, how's that explained there?

We can also just discuss this old crap nobody on /a/'s watched anyway, or we can moan how the upcoming Warner bros adaptation starring none other than Tom Cruise as Fukai is going to suck cock without a doubt.
They're really gonna adapt this? I heard they're gonna do All You Need is Kill too. I haven't read either of those yet, just really liked the Yukikaze OVA. And it's been years so I can't help OP.
They're not adapting Yukikaze. They're adapting All You Need is Kill.
Read the books.

Yukikaze fired the missile at herself to show the JAM that she would rather destroy herself than allow her to be captured by the JAM, because of that, the JAM let them out of the alternate dimension.
Google says they are. Maybe canceled already, thank gods?

Thanks, i guess that makes some sense.
Yukikaze should be next.

Let's hole EDGE OF TOMORROW is a success so they don't cancel.

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