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/a/ I've never watched Guyver and a friend seemed surprised I hadn't seen it. Should I? I heard the 2000s anime sucked, but what about the OVA before that?
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it's the only way to go
The only way to enjoy Guyer is with the mango.

O shi- if I can find it.
>>10065364 it's the only way to go

Final Destination ?
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DUDE man you HAVE to see it. it is just one of those anime you have to see. it was the 1st henshin show that really went all out in demonic asswhipings. you will hear 8-man and that but the guyver was a ranger that spilt people in half. and if you have to see it, make sure it is the orginal one. that new one was soo ass. and remember kids, OMEGA CHEST CANNON FTW!!!
This was the first anime I ever saw. Then I watched the live action ones. I'm pretty sure there was just 2 live action ones, by Americans.

lol ok. I'll check out the original OVA.

Can't find that Live Action though.
Both OVAs are entertaining - the newest one is significantly better, however, since it actually continues to follow the manga's story.
They used to be on all the time on the movie channels when I was a kid, but I don't know about now.
They are still on Namek after more than 10 years.
what do you mean still on namek?
read the manga, watch the anime, enjoy the loltasticaly bad guyver movies witht the rapping villain and the literally gay guyver zoanoid

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