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File: kanojo.jpg (63.69 KB, 640x960)
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Barcode Kanojo.
Scan barcode, download waifu. Why aren't you playing this
ugh. ive got it on my phone but ive yet to use it.

do you constantly have to keep checking in on them?
Not anime.

Get the fuck out.

Enjoy your ban.
Because I'd need to scan over a million items to ever find one that looked like my waifu. I'd pay 20 bucks for a character creator where you could select each individual part instead.
that defeats the purpose though. youre supposed to love and care for the waifus that you generate.

its not a pick-a-part
File: 1348323272483.png (188.11 KB, 492x440)
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188.11 KB PNG
One not anime
Two I don't have a smartphone
I already have a waifu. I'd not going to love some disgusting mudskin with a wonky eye and pig nose.
>scan barcode
>get some disgusting creature

Never again.
File: 1.jpg (53.47 KB, 713x746)
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53.47 KB JPG
I bet it's iPhone only, too
It was for about a year. Then it came out on android too, and now even /vg/ has fucking generals for it.
It's not
Because it or no other app like it I've seen has no Senjougahara, so it can go fuck itself.
I just wanted Kanako, but can Yomecolle deliver? No, out had ever other major oreimo though.
Is there s list of barcodes at all? Or known barcodes that actually look cute/recognisable?
Anyone with a cute barcode keeps it to themselves. Any that are public are subject to NTR wars, where whoever feels like spending the most gets the slut.
Oh wow. I think I'll pass but that sounds like some pretty crazy stuff.
There's a general for that. Which reminds me that I need to visit mine, also, visit them according to Japanese time, not local.
No fucking clue what to do after you scan it in.
You can tap her and stuff but its boring
File: 2013-09-23-10-39-15.jpg (348.18 KB, 539x959)
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My barcode waifu is best waifu

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