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Manga that made you cry for whatever reason.

Cried several times during this one because shit's sad at times and after i was finished because i was sad it was over.
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I cried when I finished this one because i really liked it and now i will never get to read it with new eyes again
Greatest coming of age story ever told.
Ending was so shit. 2nd half of the story the mangaka didn't know where he was going.
I disagree. The science-fiction hijinks with the virus were never really the point of the series, they're just there for flavor. It's a character driven manga, and it worked out pretty well in that regard.
Eden never really made me cry. It's more of a hollow, soul-crushing depression.
I reached that kind of depression when I realized that Endo had no fucking idea of what he was talking about with all those fucking essays and walls of text about humanity.
it was good until mc start becoming BADASS.
it goes downhill from there.
incredibly huge amounts of unnecessary edgy, by the way.
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Actually, the only two manga that managed to make me tear up a little are pic related and Alita1
Banana Fish
I love Eden. I loved the sci-fi shit, the coming of age story, the Aeon were fucking awesome, Kenji is one of the most badass characters from a Manga I've seen etc.

But I wasn't really depressed. I'm never depressed when I finish reading or watching a series.

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