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File: akari hot.gif (944.14 KB, 384x216)
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944.14 KB GIF
Can we have a Gen'ei thread? Ginka's birthday came and went without anyone greeting her here. I thought we were supposed to protect her smile?

Also, Akari is hot.
Hot bump
bump la bump
Happy birthday to the best girl of the series
Only thing I care about is the 2nd OST.
File: Sun becoming a white dwarf.jpg (864.88 KB, 1280x3600)
864.88 KB
864.88 KB JPG
The flame has died, the fanbase has been extinguished

Just let the fond memories burning in your heart keep you warm.

That is one light of hope you can have for this series.

it is a beautiful, but pale sun.
There was a fanbase?
>Jan 21
not according to this:

Date of Birth: January 14 Capricorn
Age: 13 years
blood type: B type
tarot card : abstinence

Date of Birth: May 17 Taurus
Age: 13 years
Blood Type: A type
tarot card: stars

Date of Birth: November 18 Scorpio
Age: 12 years old
blood type: AB type
tarot card: month

Date of Birth: August 19 Leo
Age: 12 years old
blood type: O type
Tarot card: sun
File: 1374158699111.gif (723.56 KB, 640x360)
723.56 KB
723.56 KB GIF
We can't forget our beloved girls can we? Even if they turn into Daemonia.

It's too bad the series bombed so hard. Now we'll never see their adventures in the overseas branch. Maybe if they could make a game adaptation, even a VN or something.
File: objectivereview.jpg (353.10 KB, 919x777)
353.10 KB
353.10 KB JPG
It was small yes, but we existed.

4 or 5 anons talking with each other after every episode
See my thread here:
Nobody bothered to remember
There was Daiz.
>you will never offer that dirty jew loli 5 shekels to have her let you sniff her pantsu
>she will never agree to it being the filthy money grubbing whore she is

RIP in peace ginka, I was so depressed after she died I couldn't go on watching. Did the others at least get a happy ending?
better than fantasia dolls.

no one even talked about the show while it was airing
File: 36902427.jpg (500.78 KB, 800x892)
500.78 KB
500.78 KB JPG
>You will never go supernova all over her corona
I wish jew girl stayed dead
File: 37278018.gif (7.70 KB, 200x200)
7.70 KB
7.70 KB GIF
I picked up this show because of that review.

The show turned out to be shit so the joke was on me.
File: 37313328_m.jpg (267.49 KB, 600x424)
267.49 KB
267.49 KB JPG
Why is LiSA so based?
File: LiSA Banana.jpg (189.04 KB, 375x500)
189.04 KB
189.04 KB JPG
forgot pic.

Also, Akari still best girl. And also the hottest.
ginka lived because of some stupid Kirito-tier asspull
File: 13779894177219.gif (1.73 MB, 880x1204)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
She needs to eat some more, its like im looking at some skinny chinese/taiwanese/HK singer.
File: MagicalGirlHitomi.png (1.10 MB, 1280x720)
1.10 MB
1.10 MB PNG
You break into Luna's room at night and start raping her, at first she will cry and scream and beg you to stop, that she loves Akari... but that only makes your dick harder, for hours and hours you brutalize Luna, first she hates it, tries to fight it... then she breaks... "Akari will never love someone like me now... Im dirty... im filthy, I am just used goods..."

... some time later...

You hear a sound at the door, its Akari! "Hey Luna, I had this dream about my mo-" She stops and stares at the sight before her, Luna impaled on your dick, bleating like a whorish she-goat "I LOVE COCKS I LOVE COCKS I LOVE COCKS~ CUM CUM CUM CUM IN ME MOOOOREEE~"
Where the fuck is the porn Japan???
The pixiv art dumped in the airing thread were all furry like, shit disturbing.
There wasn't much of it..
File: bleatingshegoat.jpg (174.80 KB, 1136x776)
174.80 KB
174.80 KB JPG
File: doujins-never.png (152.65 KB, 1366x768)
152.65 KB
152.65 KB PNG
Sadpanda has just one link. But I remember the time when there was virtually no art for the series. There still isn't enough of it ;_;
File: akari-hot.jpg (219.37 KB, 1024x800)
219.37 KB
219.37 KB JPG
Has /a/ run out of love for this series? Already?

>**,932 *1 Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou [DVD+BD]: 2013/09/25

well, that explains everything.
Forgot to mention:
>Barely above the Fractale line, later volumes and average sales aren't even 1 FRT
Waiting for Nendoroid Chicken Salad.

Nendoroid Fuyuna never. ;_;
Don't worry. We'll have Akari Nendo soon.
too bad it'll probably be the only nendoroid Gen'ei ever gets ;_;
File: starbitch.jpg (117.97 KB, 500x490)
117.97 KB
117.97 KB JPG
Wonfes in three weeks or so.
There is still something I don't understand about this series.

There are only 22 Tarot Cards, divided into branches (they said The lover user was part of the Russian branch)

Then at the end of the series they mention another 5 branches (6 with russia), only in japan there are already at least 8 card users...

So how much people there is in the other branches? Thats not even 2 card users each branch.
This was a Madoka ripoff with grimderp for the sake ofr grimderp and shittily used motif: they didn't even get the Tarot shit right.

The character's designs sucked and were
written like fanfic OC's. No wonder it bombed.
They probably warp reality to make the 22 cards last for the other 5 branches to have at least two two-girl teams each.
That was one of the complains while the show aired.
Actually, I would have preferred if Ginka stayed dead. Happy belated birthday anyway.
May be not all the branches fight the Daemonia the same way. May be some of the branches use manmade Tarot users, or train child soldiers or use daemonias as weapons or some shit like that.

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