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I need help remembering the name of an anime movie.

woman gets in car accident near beginning. Wakes up in small town with all her friends. Tries to use a bathroom but blood comes out. Her and her friends each get a letter telling them how many days till they die. I also remember there being a panther...

What movie is this?
Your life.
Final Destination.
Master of Martial Hearts
No. More details: In the small town I think they were staying at an inn. Everyone in the town acted wierd. Near the end all the town people try to attack the group when the majority escape their deaths on the days they were supposed to die. The Exit of the town is a portal i think? They can't escape. They mod a train or big vehicles with heavy weaponry to fight the town.
You don't get it, do you? Requests go in >>>/r/
Fuck off
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>woman gets in car accident near beginning

>ma'am your son was hit and killed by an alcohol

Master of Martial Hearts
/r/ is full of porn seekers. I need information from people who know anime movies. You fuck off.
It's been a while, but I'm sure it's Natsuyasumi.
>I need information from people who know anime movies
/r/anime would be happy to help.
Movie is definitely more than 6 years old. It had to do with fate. I think the town was a desert environment. Going to reddit next.
Request thread are against the rules fuck off to >>>/r/
you have way too much money to be spending your time on 4chan
Good riddance.
>Ye Crumbly Wheel
Okay, I laughed.
>Going to reddit next.
Please do so. Have a nice journey. And don't come back.

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