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>Watch anime on my HDTV via PS3

No distractions such as porn and 4chan and can marathon whole shows

>Watch anime on my PC

Full of distractions such as Porn and 4chan

How is it possible to watch anime on a PC?
Try not being a faggot.
>having never heard of a HDMI cable
How is it possible to be such a faggot?
>reposting this thread

Nothing to see here.
File: 1388504523902.png (234.33 KB, 466x500)
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Are we doing this thread again? I thought we established that no one cares that you have ADHD.
Is Rugganigger shitposting again?
Something you plebeian lack.
Now go back to your neighbor's trough.
Looks like it.
But those are faults of your own..
Good job not saging, now I have to see this thread again.
I've been watching mainly on my tablet and I'm inclined to agree that it much more productive and comforting to watch on with my back straining trying to watch on PC.

cruchyroll dev pls go

CR on 3DS pls ;_;
I never said anything about CR. Shows how much you know.
>not using catalog
Have another bump.
>How is it possible to watch anime on a PC?
I think not having ADD helps.
File: 1387744424648.jpg (27.63 KB, 192x305)
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I recently bought a 55inch LED TV and i can just play anything directly to it through my PC, using it as a media server.

>Watched SPACU DANDY last night on this fat nigga of a TV in surround sound
>Gonna re-watch KLK on it soon and then begin to work my way though everything else

>I sometimes use it as a 3rd PC monitor
It's a great feeling, I just did that today with KlK.
You sit and watch it you weak willed faggot.

I bet you're fat too.
If youre distracted by porn and 4chan while watching an anime the anime probably isnt worth watching
Do you have ADHD or are you just 12 years old

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