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File: Kireimapo.jpg (87.25 KB, 640x480)
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87.25 KB JPG
Inspector redwood at work
Deletes any threads about himself and leaves this trash up

Bravo redwood.

[banned](USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[/banned]
Wow good work OP your internet detective skills are so good you are now the chief of the internet
File: mysides.jpg (196.07 KB, 663x600)
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196.07 KB JPG
Meh just shitposting in /a/ relieves some stress. Don't worry about mods and revel in the shitposting. Accept it and become one with it.
Go away /co/mblr we don't care about some trip who shitposts on your board
This, don't bother caring about shit. People who take 4chan seriously are the worst.
File: no.png (305.37 KB, 500x405)
305.37 KB
305.37 KB PNG
or you know just the moderation in general being incompetent?
It's always like this at night kid
This, /a/ is one of the few boards that is actually worse at night.
More chill though.
File: 1367318505866.png (131.09 KB, 621x330)
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131.09 KB PNG
> Rog vs Tyrone
> trash
You're not going to make anyone care about this no matter how hard you try.
Yeah, the more mods the merrier, and the dude is slow as fuck anyway, I can just remake the loli thread, which has been getting deleted since forever.
Anyone that can't ban evade an injust ban has is a newshit anyway.
>/a/ is one of the few boards that is actually worse at night.

You know, I actually agree with you. I find myself hating this place in the later hours but the threads are usually alot more enjoyable during the day.
fuck you faggot. it's awesome when there's no moderation on /a/.
Grow up epic raids kid.
Nah I'll just continue to shitpost
And I'll continue to report, act autistic and be a no fun allowed faggot together with the hordes of likeminded people that make this board miserable for people like you.
What an epic thread...

File: 1357970361869.jpg (47.79 KB, 604x340)
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47.79 KB JPG
Please let this thread die
It is my only wish in this world!
lol reporting does nothing
you just got trolled kid :^)
File: 1355400383863.jpg (307.16 KB, 750x850)
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307.16 KB JPG
Shitposting is bad anon, that is why we shitpost off topic threads.

And why we told that blind dude to fuck off the other day, holy fuck that was cold,
shitposting is bad but fun ^_^
>People who take 4chan seriously are the worst.

Kill yourself faggot.
Well damn son Redwood is mad
Niggers don't deserve to be mods

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