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File: inspector redwood.jpg (561.62 KB, 2610x1535)
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Who is Inspector Redwood? A mod from /co/ known for being black, cosplaying and a regular in the generals of homestuck.
His love for tumblr,feminism and his fellow black man is great.
Believes 2D=3D ie lolicon pornography=CP.
In the past year he was promoted to mod status.
This allowed him global status which allowed him to moderate all other boards besides /co/.
He is the one responsible for cleaning up /sp/ of /b/ro culture, power levels and other shitposting at night.

He has been deleting sad panda threads, loli threads,visual novels, light novels and ecchi anime/manga for months now on /a/. He leaves recommendation threads and sauce threads alone. He spends his time protecting and cleaning up naruto threads. Redwood goes out of his way to clean up posts harassing other fellow tripfag users.

You can find him usually moderating KLK,SNK, and space dandy threads as they're his favorites.

His mission is to transform /a/ into another hugbox like /co/ but for anime and manga.

He is lolimod and rapeape rolled into one sinister being.
And why should anyone care?
the loli thread image was from the scissors anime. why delete a censored image?
Go away.
I want the Grisaia threads back
Duly noted.
Nigger pls. You should care because a nigger is nigging all over 4chan thus destroying 4chan's ability to have objective threads about objective things.
He sounds like a prick, but what can you do?
Why the fuck would he come here? He watches cartoons and reads comics.
He ain't weeaboo.
I want IRC to leave.
Go back to >>>/co/mblr we don't care about some random trip who shitposts on /co/
Oh boy, this shit again. Thank you fur bumping a legitimate thread off to make room for your shitty bait.
Fuck off /co/
>mfw this Inspector Redwood person doesn't even exist.
Wrong board OP. If you were looking for somebody to defend /tumblr/ from a wild nigger you should have posted this on /pol/.
There's already plenty of shitposting threads up thanks to the benevolence of Redwood. One more can't hurt

Fucking this man.
Telling a mod to fuck off isn't a good idea. Redwood is here to stay.
>Telling a mod to fuck off isn't a good idea
It's not a bad idea.

Man that brings back memories, didn't even know this guy was still around.
File: 1388309505490.jpg (29.91 KB, 228x238)
29.91 KB
29.91 KB JPG
>His love for feminism
>moderates KlK, SnK, and space dandy
>they're his favorite

So he likes space dandy and KLK, both of which are full of sexualization of women despite being a feminist?
>meta threads

Go to /b/ faggot
Everyone knows that every shit-poster /a/ has posts in the weekly /co/ Toonami threads.
We hate them, but they're here to stay. The only this we can do is report/ignore, hide or move on.
>ecchi anime/manga for months now on /a/
Is he the one delete and banning over to love ru images?
>not knowing KlK is about female empowerment
Bravo redwood deleting this thread and leaving others up

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