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I've been /a/ long enough to notice %90 of people here have poor taste. sure /a/ isn't a hivemind but that doesn't stop how everyday is moe praise that or this popular anime is bad because I'm butt frustrated. Go home /a/you swine.

P.S. you waifu is a whore
I see you're still at it. Good, good, practice makes perfect, or so the say.
Don't sully the image of my daughteru like that, please.
Anon, I have news for you.
Your daughter committed suicide last night.
Marks and burns show she was abused by a parent.

>Posting best girl
I love you Anon
It's a boy.
Are you talking about Madotsuki? Cause if so I seriously need some evidence on all accounts.
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>implying I wouldn't be there to help her through the hard times.

At least I don't like Yume Nikki
Implying you got any proof of your own.
It's just a theory regarding the game, and as to why she committed suicide at the end of the game.
But there are many other theories too, that's just one of the most popular ones.
Other theories include:
>Madotsuki was raped.
>Madotsuki is pregnant or has had an abortion/miscarriage.
>Madotsuki lives in an apocalyptic world.
>Madotsuki is Transgender.
>Madotsuki is a Lesbian.
>Madotsuki was dreaming (or in a coma) all along
>Madotsuki is a representative character.
>Madotsuki is a murderer.
>Something terrible happened to Madotsuki in the past.
>Madotsuki has severe Hypertropia.
>Madotsuki's Dreams are her warped representation of School.
>Madotsuki was grounded and forgotten about
>Madotsuki is a Neo-Nazi.
>Toriningen are trying to save Madotsuki.
>Madotsuki had a twin.
>Madotsuki Never Escaped the Rapist
>She was abused by her parents hence why she would never leave her room and her suicidal depression
>She is actually blind and couldn't see the steps

There are many more out there Anon.
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I don't need proof in my secluded neet world.

Madotsuki dies?

You can't even beat that game. Its fucking impossible.
if you collect all the effects and drop in the door area you can
I wish to dream with Madotsuki, in the same bed together, while holding her hand.

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