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Hey /a/ don't you love realistically futuristic and down to earth anime? I know I do.
Why are there so few good realistically futuristic and down to earth anime? I've already been through all the mainstream shit like cowboy beebop, ghost in the shell, planetes, lain, and I love all of it but I just can't find any more. IF THAT'S HOW YOU FEEL THIS IS THE THREAD FOR YOU

OBSCURE realistically futuristic and down to earth anime THREAD

Just finished watching psycho pass, fantastic shit.
Elfen Lied is pretty realistically futuristic. It's about one of the possible evolutions of mankind. Very underrated show.
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Sidonia no Kishi is pretty cool, as is most of Nihei's work.
>Elfen Lied
Using this definition, I wonder if chobits would qualify?
>Sidonia no Kishi
Anime soon, I wonder if it'll be good.
I sure hope so.
what's with all the shitty rec threads lately?

we getting raided?
It's the same piece of shit.
I'm just trying to have a thread discussing everyone's favorite realistically futuristic and down to earth anime.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
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Some people do things that some other people don't like. Tends to happen a lot in life.
Quote for truth.
If only I could have a thread discussing realistically futuristic and down to earth anime without it devolving into bullshit. WHY DO YOU HATE WHAT I DO?!
I don't think I would group any of the stuff you just said together, ever.
Like how I'm just going to spam spoilers for everything you mention in this thread.
Anyone else on that ghost in the shell arise? Episode 2 was fucking fantastic.
File: 1373685796310.jpg (23.72 KB, 640x480)
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But how do you know I don't like that?

Oh and op, go check out E7; if you can handle the ridiculous pacing.
Eureka is like a plant alien shit

The whole show is pretty poor acually.
Don't worry about me on that one, I love E7. The pacing is a little fucked up and I hate short hair eureka, but god dammit it is such a good series.
Fucking shame they had to ruin it with AO. What were they thinking.
Nice spoilers madfag.
Dennou Coil.
If I were a betting man I'd say it was a cashgrab. But alas, I'm just a little girl.
How is Planetes down to earth when it's in space?
This sounds awesome, thanks.
It sure felt like a cash grab, but it didn't ruin eureka 7 for me at all.
That feel when you'll never be in love with a girl like eureka, a girl worth abandoning humanity for.
They go down to earth in a few episodes.

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