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So back in 2011 Skyrim came out and I basically stopped watching anime. Up until like 4 months ago I was playing Skyrim whenever I was up.

Before that I watched anime religiously and lurked here for a long time. 4 months ago I just got so bored with skyrim and played like 3-4 other games in the mean time and watched 2 animes Nichijou and Watamote (obviously. They are so gooooood)

Anyway I just couldn't get back into anime until last night. I couldn't sleep so went on my dads Netflix account and saw under recently added a show called "Princess Jellyfish"

I thought stupid name stupid looking characters but pushed play and OMYGODITWASSOGOOD

I marathon the show and at a loss of what to watch now. Any suggestions?

I think it was otaku/slice of life/comedy. Genre for those who haven't watched it
Request threads are against the rules fuck off to >>>/r/
Also if anyone has watched it

I was so mad that lady tricked the brother. Did anyone else want them to lose their virginities to each other?

I never thought I'd like cross dressing so much in an anime
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So sorry. My first time posting on here I just posted on r a while ago but my thread 404 in under a minute so I figure to come here

The stuff on r is all porn so I didn't think they would know what I was talking about
Maybe we should take this post, put it on top of the posting form with the notice "See this faggot? Don't be this faggot."
They don't, but that's not our problem, use google or try uselessly in /r/.
Well you have 3 choices

1)make another thread on /r/
2)make another thread on /a/ and get banned
3)make a thread on /b/ or try your luck by asking one of the other 100 anime places on the internet

Choose one OP.
I'm so sorry again plz disregard thread I will use the google link you provided thank you

For anyone who just gloss over this thread see the anime in picture and 5 star it on Netflix it is rlly good

Thanks inspector redwood, good to know you love these threads that much
Thanks for bumping a thread that had been dead for 40+ minutes you dumb fucker.
Don't blame me mon
This thread was on it's way to page 10 to be 404d and you had to fucking bump is back to page 0

You're the one at blame here.

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