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ITT: Unpopular opinions.

The second half of Death Note is just as good, if not better, than the first half.
Minami-Ke > K-On!
The Endless Eight was the best part of season 2.
I'm confused, is this for unpopular opinions or shitposting?

The ending of mirai nikki was inspired and not at all an asspull filled with plot holes.
There is nothing that makes Bleach or OP significantly better than Naruto. All of them are fairly generic battle shonen who are plagued by cliches of the genre (the battle shonen one, before you jump on me to remind me shonen is a demographic): plethora of useless characters, power level bullshit, idiotic plot progression and ass-pulls.
You're right.
Unpopular opinions sprout the same time as shitposting on /a/ is on it's height
Kill la Kill is a good show.
Aria is overrated and boring, only loved by people trying to appear cultured.

Lucky Star is great, and has a lovely art style.

Josuke is the best Jojo. Valentine is the best villain.

Bleach was good until the WW arc.

HxH is the pinnacle of battle shounen.

LoGH had a subpar, rushed, shitty ending, and ridiculous, silly, laughably simplistic space battles. Yang was a loser. Reuenthal was the best character.

Most mech shows are pure shit, and mecha is a shit genre.

Nausicaa's manga art is atrocious and cluttered.
NGE was shit
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> significantly gotten better after Guillotine Gorilla
I don't think anyone would disagree with you about HxH.
I wouldn't say that. It was appropriate and certainly not very original. But yeah, that got trashed for hammer-time and I'm still pissed. Seriously, it was one of the few redeemable features of that piece of shit.

>Nausicaa's manga art is atrocious and cluttered.
There's a guy who made a huge rant on why this is true.
Non non Biyori is actually good, but every other cute girls doing cute things show that aired this year is shit and not worth a damn.

Manga > anime, because anime is in color, has music, voice acting, animation, etc. It's simply a superior medium, and because of that even a mediocre anime is often more enjoyable than a good manga.

Eva is good for the character development but all of the symbolism is bullshit and fanwank, and it has tons of people circlejerking over it for no reason when really it's just not THAT good.

Madoka is also good, but hugely overrated, much the same as Eva. The Madoka movies are also better than the series, except for Rebellion, which was shit.

Aria is boring and Choro Club is shit music too. If you want a good iyashikei try YKK.

SAO is better than Log Horizon. Better art, better animation, better direction, better dialogue, better pacing, better character design, better music, better voice acting, better story, worse writing. SAO's writing is admittedly shit but the overall product is still a boatload better than Log Horizon.

Yugioh GX is better than 90% of what airs in any given season.

Shinkai is incredibly overrated. 5 wallpapers/second was indeed beautiful but that's all it was. Other than that it was just a generic bittersweet love story.

>Manga > anime

Meant anime > manga obviously.
I love anime
Fuck it, I'll second that (I've been accused of hating fun though)
Jiyuu No Tsubasa was a far better OP than Gurren No Yumiya.

The heroic themes of fighting on even in the face of inevitable death and nods to power metal got me more pumped to watch the show than MUH ANGRY REVENGE and more faux latin chorus shit.
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I can't even take you seriously, OP.

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