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So what the fuck happened in the last episode of this show anyway?

Fucking Yamaga
What do you mean? Did you skip Ep 9 because everything was basically explained there.
Don't tease him, no one knows what the hell happened in the last 5 minutes of the show.
Maybe everything will be explained in that Abenobashi OVA that's still totally coming out, YAMAGA PROMISED
Sashi was the reincarnation of some badass Onmyo monk and used the Taizan Fukun ceremony to bring Arumi's grandfather back to life. That's pretty much all I got out of it.
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Arumi & Sashi, sub > dub
Everybody else, dub > sub
What, you didn't like their sweet southern accents?

That's basically what actual Osakans sound like.
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Agreed. But after watching the series about 10 times, dub and sub, I preferred Sashi in japanese hands down. But the interactions between Sashi and Arumi, I feel, are more meaningful/heartfelt in japanese. And when the plot starts to appear japanese conveys the spuriousness better, imho.
I meant seriousness. Stupid autocorrect.
And I found the translation of Osakan accents to Texan to be spot on and charming.
Yeah, imo the comedy worked better in English while the drama played better in Japanese.
But then what was with the entire episode up to that point setting up a moral about Sasshi needing to wake up and accept reality?
> Hey there, FUCKIN' cowboy, FUCKIN' cowgirl, how the FUCK are ya doin'??
And why were Mune-Mune and Eutus still in the "fixed" world?
> mfw I find out the last episode was storyboarded by Anno
I'm not surprised by Anno any more. He could have worked on Ebichu for all I know.
Their fates were entwined/connected.
My take is that the "fixed" world is just another illusionary world, only this time way more elaborate. Basically Sasshi "succeeded", but only in doing what Eutus had already done before, which means that sooner or later reality will come back into his new world and he'll be trapped in an eternal cycle of escape until he learns to accept the truth.

Remember how the last episode has a preview for the first episode? What if that's not just a joke?
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>the "fixed" world is just another illusionary world
I can accept that.

>last episode has a preview for the first episode? What if that's not just a joke?
I was wondering about what the OVA. Now I can see where it might be coming from. But that doesn't explain the timeline advancing with Not!Eutus and Not!Mune-Mune..
scratch that. I get what you mean by "fixed" world. I am to sleepy to be disusing much of anything, let alone plot of Abenobashi.
The ending was a copout to get away from the dramatic themes it had been building up to just to have a "happy" end.
In the end, Arumi is still delicious.
Dude she's like 12 bro

I mean she actually LOOKS 12
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Yes, and?

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