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So, new KLK headcanon

Nui is supposed to be the Grand Couturier of Revocs Corp. Meaning she's essentially the head of life thread production. Yet, she looks younger than anyone going to Honnouji.

My theory is that her little dress is actually a form changing kamui that hides her true appearance, which is an old woman, probably horribly wrinkled or scarred
It would explain a lot.

If that bow isn't over compensation, I don't know what is.
Her Nagita disguise, the ability to easily overpower Goku uniforms, and even another Kamui, her intimate knowledge of where to find the thread of fate
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headcanon/fanfic thread?

Nonon's real name is Nue(Head of monkey, Snake tail, Can fly, hovers over emperor) and she's related to Nui.
>yfw she changes from Nui form to delicious christmas cake for a few seconds before finally turning into a horrific wizened old woman
I suppose that would be interesting.
Interesting idea, but I'm still going with that she's a doll made of life fibers.
If she's the couturier, doesn't that mean she should have been the one feeling up Satsuki to make sure Junketsu fits?
I think Nui is probably part of a group similar to the 4 devas, with Ragyo as their leader. The other members of this elite team have yet to be revealed, but will be for an epic final battle with the ever present Nudist Beach.
Ragyo probably knows a thing or two about dresses herself, and no one likes secondhand details when they can check it themselves.
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Like anybody would pass up the chance to get their hands on Satsuki's tight bod.
This thread is lower than gaiaonline discussion.
in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the four devas upgraded uniforms never even get a go against Ryuuko, but rather they face off against the assistant, the courtier, etc.
Ryuuko will join monkey boy in facing off against Nui, only to find out that Nui didn't really kill her father, and that it was nui acting under ragyo's orders, and that her father simply chose that moment to sacrifice himself for another, kamui-related reason.
In turn, monkey boy fights and beats Nui in an epic sword-on-sword battle.

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