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Why is anime so expensive?

I mean you want a season of anything here in the good old U.S.A you spend 40$

Now in an average anime Blu-ray you get only a few episodes for 40$ which you must keep buying till you have the whole season.

And Aniplex shit is just retarded pricing.

Paying 380$ for one season of SOA is insane.
It's called price elasticity.
I just watch the shit on crunchy roll for like 10 bucks a month. not too expensive

Same but I actually want to support shows I like.

But the prices are insane.
Isn't Aniplex generally about the same price for a season as it would be in Japan?
Why do you think there's probably less than 150,000 hardcore otaku left? They're the only people devoted enough to make it a profitable business at all. If it weren't treated so harshly in Japan, they'd get more funding and be more willing to take risks (putting the creative process in front of profits)

What do you mean by "treated harshly"
Cause only a few people are willing to pay for anime. Even if they lower the price, they don't actually widen the market. So instead they raise the prices up so the few who will, regardless of the price, can maintain the industry alone. Once all the otaku die anime will die with them.
Liking anime is offensive to adults in Japan. You're supposed to grow out of that shit, get a good salary and marry a nice girl.

Their old-fashioned government full of shitty old men are always passing bills that make life harder for the anime industry.
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>Many Gurren Lagann DVDs are defective
>Blu-Ray costs $600
If you think buying anime shit in the US is a price goige, god help you if you ever move to Japan.

Anime distributors in Japan have been so afraid in the past of Japanese consumers importing cheap(er) US releases that they've actually gone out of their way to delay or fuck them up, or else charge such insane licensing fees that no US distributor will touch it.
What the fuck? Please stop making shitty troll threads please.

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