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Should I watch the original or 2199 first?

According to wiki 2199 is a remake, so It should hold true to the spirit of the original right?

I would prefer to watch both, but to get into the universe with something with more modern animation.

I know I watched Macross Frontier first, loved it, then went back to watch everything else in broadcast order. Can I do the same thing with this or will 2199 kill the original for me?
If you are a jaded douche, the old stuff will instantly repulse you. If you are a thoughtful person who is open to possibilities, then you will adore the different version of that thing you like already! Go for it.
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I watched 2199 and loved it. Some episodes are slow and psychologically ill minded but most of the action sequences and storyline are thought out. Of course with any anime, there are exceptions to how awesome it is. 8/10 would rewatch. The Yamato is pretty badass though.
Are you talking about the original after watching 2199?
I think watching the 1974 series is just redundant after 2199. Yeah, the original was a breakthrough for anime and helped shape its course from the delayed success of the movies a few years after, but 2199 is just a better show. It's like comparing The Thing From Another World and John Carpenter's The Thing.
I watched the original years ago, it's good for a 70s anime. I like the remake more, but there a few things I think the original did better and many things remake does better. Example, original has more focus on Kodai and Okita bonding and Kodai maturing one of my favorite scenes was where the two drink together when leaving the solar system, this scene isn't in the remake, where in the remake Kodai is already pretty mature and doesn't change much but he interacts with more of the cast. The remake has a more memorable and colorful cast, original is a sausagefest where I only really remember Kodai, Okita, Yuki and Accelerator. The remake executed the asspulls a little better too. I also thought the Live Action movie was pretty neat.

Just watch all of them.

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