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Kira a best doll.
Chapter 55 just got uploaded to batoto if anyone still reading it .
File: Tale 55.zip-016.png (287.70 KB, 975x1400)
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287.70 KB PNG
Megu a shit.

or rather than support those thieving cunt faces you can, you know get the chapter off the scanlators page...
File: 61nHwccAFqL.jpg (67.92 KB, 403x500)
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You do realize that the person uploading the chapters to batoto is the translator right? On a side note, Kira has the best BD art. So beautiful
>Megu a dead shit
File: 1386545847053.jpg (57.76 KB, 380x529)
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57.76 KB JPG

It's a shame, she was so cute with Suigintou.
the fuck was with that shot of Shinku on the last page? Is she perma-dead?

I think it's just that all the dolls are going to live with Jum. Shinku simply arrived there and is waiting for everyone in that box, though it raises the question of why she isn't doing that in her case instead.
I wish. Also, for all of the villainy she had done, Bananas did sure got scot-free.
*Bananas did sure got away scot-free

That's because all Kira wanted was love. It's both Jun's faults for fucking her up.
File: 1379049749848.jpg (942.77 KB, 1200x900)
942.77 KB
942.77 KB JPG
>he wants to punish best doll
Be careful, she may love it.
Now that I think about it Kira was a total bitch. Obsessive, needy, arrogant, murderous...
>Now that I think about it Suigintou was a total bitch. Obsessive, needy, arrogant, murderous...

File: 1375156576870.png (272.24 KB, 577x700)
272.24 KB
272.24 KB PNG
Hell hath no fury like best doll scorned.
Kira please go, you are junk.

Also Kira even threw that major bitch fit at the end and straight out screamed. That's not lady like, and neither is keeping people in crystals and not even talking to them. At least the D'Arby brothers had nice collections.
File: 1379185916261.jpg (53.20 KB, 1280x720)
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53.20 KB JPG

Can you blame her? Getting kicked out of her body hurt a lot.
Lewdness like this can not go unpunished.
File: 1377913660339.png (1.59 MB, 900x800)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
It's Unwound Jum's fault for being such an incredibly huge faggot that her mind couldn't take it and snapped. Stinku, Desu, and Junk were all able to resist the fagsplosion because exposure to Wound Jum boosted their resistance.
You aren't seriously defending this ugly, plastic creature are you?
So as someone who watched the original series years ago, does this new one continue on from that or is it a reboot?
File: 1378936484313.jpg (532.27 KB, 981x693)
532.27 KB
532.27 KB JPG
>ugly, plastic creature

How could you say that.
File: 1374994071160.jpg (254.70 KB, 600x450)
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254.70 KB JPG
Dear sir I have never been more serious.
File: 1374959216332.jpg (269.67 KB, 640x800)
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269.67 KB JPG
>you will never have your body torn to pieces by Kira's mouth
It's the flower. She's 2spooky. And the lewd makes it even spookier.
Suigintou is proper lewd.

Reboot. If you want, you can just read the first eight volumes and then watch 2013 RM, though I personally recommend reading everything.
File: 1374218559593.jpg (464.13 KB, 1000x702)
464.13 KB
464.13 KB JPG
She's a nice girl who just wants tender affection and companionship. She's a little awkward about it sometimes, that's all.
She is literally evil.
File: 1379058538528.gif (941.34 KB, 294x335)
941.34 KB
941.34 KB GIF
Why is Shinku so perfect?
Been a while since I've read such an acerbic character like Megu. That is one bitch I wouldn't mind tossing down some stairs.
>clinging to childish concepts like good and evil
File: 1373004285560.jpg (754.96 KB, 1280x1335)
754.96 KB
754.96 KB JPG
Boku and desu are best dolls.
Boku and desu are OTP
Boku and desu are life
Boku and desu are love
Boku and desu are Alice
Good or evil, she doesn't actually love her master(s). But I guess you're fine with being imprisoned as her slave, Matrix style.

I wonder what Shinku's farts smell like?
>implying Kira doesn't truly love Unwound Jun
I can't read blocks, Anon.
Kira's problem is not that she can't love, but that her love is too deep.

Neither can I, but it's obvious throughout the story that Kira really does care for Unwound Jum. Well, there's this page from Tale 65.

>Jum's thoughts: Even though I should know how it feels to be lonely more than anyone else
>Jum: Come back.
To me it feels like none of the dolls can love. If they're all trying to win the game, wouldn't they theoretically not have to give two shits about their masters?

That's the point, they're not trying to win the game because they've bonded with their masters and learned what true love is. In the beginning, Suigintou was all about "muh father" but as she learned what real love was through Megu and Souseiseki's actions she became more hesitant to play the Alice Game.
Maybe that's what he intended all along? And when they all come to love each other he'll meet them all and congratulations?
I want to punish Kira
File: 1236917670321.jpg (17.74 KB, 300x300)
17.74 KB
17.74 KB JPG
>Unwound Jun finally comes to his senses

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