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Is there any difference in denotation between "have sex" and "make love"? If so, which best describes Ryuuko's relationship with Mako?
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"Make love" implies that there is an emotional connection (as there is between Mako and Ryuuko), whereas "have sex" does not.
Description is optimized with both denotation and connotation.
That said, "have sex" is a broad term, which includes both consensual and nonconsensual fucking. "Make love" is also a broad term but is exclusively for consensual fucking with emotional weight.
Mako and Ryuuko aren't romantic partners outside of your autismal shipping headcanon, so neither phrase applies to them.
>Mako and Ryuuko aren't romantic partners
Just wait until Episode 16.
Let's abbrivate this

I laid her.

I made lover to her

to an agressive word


I fucked her good.

get it?

You don't have sex with someone in a white honeymoon room adjourned in clean velvety white sheets covered in rose petals, whilst holding hinds in the missionary position kissing tenderly for the sole purpose of deflowered inpregnation as castrated violin players play accordingly to the heightening of the mood, and call that fucking.

Fucking is where you describe the mixes of meats and slapping and general primal animalstic content in sex.

For example, to win Yuuka Kazami over, you have to beat the shit out of her, rape her into submission, fuck her, then call some time off where she opens up and you truly make love to her, no fetishes, just simplistic thrusts and motions, none of the YE-YE-YE crap, just silence and high breathing.

I think of a middle ground when I think of Mako.

She sort of fucks you like a tidal wave then soothes down with you as she warms up to you after as everytime this happens a tranquility transpires the ending of the event.

Wit her, it's a hyperactive captain America like motion from start to finish and everything after is like sharing a peaceufull sunset with her.

Mako is the grand passing of life itself in living motionary form
>double spacing
>triple spacing
Jesus Christ nailed to a tree, fuck off.
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Any two people can have sex, but it takes a couple in love with each other to make love. Simple as that.

What this has to do with Ryuko and Mako, I'm not entirely sure. They do not have a sexual relationship as far as I'm aware, but if they did then I think at this point of the show it'd be more like cute teenage girls in young love taking part in sexual exploration.
This. But it's also worth mentioning that "making love" is mostly used as a euphemism for sex in polite conversation, and using it to describe "deep emotional sex" is not really that common. Making love simply has those connotations, that's why it's used as a euphemism when you're trying to cast sex in a romantic light, as opposed to something more animalistic or vulgar: screwing, knocking boots, bumping uglies, forming a two person voltron, etc.
>make love
It's Mako love.
Mako is olev
The Greeks have different words for familial love, platonic love, romantic love, and spiritual love.

These two are spiritual.

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