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I'm looking for an anime that was made awhile ago.
Been trying to find it for awhile, and this text (taken from some forum), sums it all up:

The film starts (I think) with this boy that is rescued from this floating island or tree or something by this big flying ship (of steampunk-ish design).

After a while (and an encounter with sky pirates), they encounter a massive mechanical flying monster (I'm pretty sure it was fairly similar to a whale in design). In the encounter, the monster begins shooting at the flying ship and many of the crew of the ship go to battlestations to shoot back, including one of the boys friends. The boys friend end up getting wounded in the fight, and might have ended up dying.

Eventually, near the end, it's revealed that the designer of the ship (and possibly it's captain as well) had also designed the monster. Eventually, the boy and the designer end up inside the monster, where there is a map of all the floating island/trees, (which I think the monster is burning for fuel).

Im not looking for a castle in the sky..
Sounds like La puta.

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