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Hard mode-no high school setting or lolis on skateboards
Skateboard lolis.
Elementary school loli roller blading club. It writes itself.
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MC was an extremely ruthless death squad leader for some dictator during the intergalactic war and is sentenced to death for his war crimes.

In some other dimension, some princess sees her family get killed after a betrayal or something like that, she runs away from her Kingdom swearing revenge.

Years later she finds herself working at some farm, her revenge plans has totally failed until one day she sees a lamp and rubs it and like all cliche, a Genie comes out.

The Genie thanks the girl for freeing him and grants her only one wish because he's a pretty shitty Genie. After all her attempts to wish for revenge gets rejected due to certain "codes" the Genie follows. She starts to mumble out random wishes until one of them was granted, that wish is for someone to help her.

So he crosses some dimensions and meets the MC. Pretending to be a lawyer, he tells the MC that he could get him out...on one condition.
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Put 90% of budget into pilot episode:
>16yo female dropouts
>post apocalyptic world.
>Find high tech giant flying robots
>become ace pilots by sitting in the cockit
>rest of the season is filler and fanservice
MC is focus of typical harem.

Except the reason he never chooses anyone is because he has AIDS.
Nobody but him knows this.

He dies on the last episode.
>The robots have skateboards btw
lolis on snowboards
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MC is Adolph Hitler

The show consists of his wacky adventures while attending a Japanese high school.

>Senior field trip to Tel Aviv!
Romance/drama about an old married couple first season.
Wife gets dementia, and husband has to cope. Wife dies at end of first season.
Second season is a lighthearted romcom about the husband going on dates with other widowed old women.
Salarymen at day, business ninja-assassins at night.
Is he moe?
ever watched amour?

Entire cast of tsundere girls.
No, I actually got the idea from my grandfather's life
A group of cute high school girls unite for their love of Blink 182.
tsundere lollis on steroids browsing /fit/
So there's this higschool where all the shit from higschool anime you'd expect to happen, happens. Mysterious transfer student, fighting aliens, angels and demons on the side, world domination, all that jazz.

Only it's told from the perspective of the teachers as they drink and complain about the school in a bar at night.
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19.14 KB JPG
Keanu Reeves for some reason goes back in time and ends up in feudal Japan as a samurai.
>post-apocalyptic setting
>MC is a robot looking for his creator / lover
>meets other robots who all try to stop him from finding her or flat out want him dead
>MC finds his creator and kills her
With his creator dead, an inhibitor is lifted and he can now assume his true form
MC is revealed to be the cause of the apocalypse and the other robots knew this
MC continues his rampage across the world and the other robots must band together and put a stop to him once and for all
a story with 25 years old woman who become daycare staff
lovestory, workplace, and (evil) children problematic
Harem anime. MC has social phobias and avoids people whenever possible. Because he never talks to anyone, some of the girls become interested in him because he's "mysterious" and they want to learn more about him. They try to hang out with him and talk, but all they get is "y-you too..." and MC trying to escape. Unfortunately for MC, the girls think he's incredibly moe when he's shy and keep pursuing him. Shenanigans ensue as the MC tries to avoid them while the girls keep chasing him.
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447.15 KB PNG
Better yet: Hitler is MC and he is commanding at the height of the Third Reich but is at the same trying to secretly continue his interest in painting. He sneaks out every night behind his mansion to paint his unfinished art pieces. Follow the moe adventures of Hitler as he comes up with ridiculous jewish excuses as to why there are art supplies in the potassium cyanide delivery trucks.
Episode 1 (Awakening): Teenage dropout hikikomori hoarder inherits his recently passed parent's mansion.

Episode 2 (Trap): 5-year timeskip, he gets trapped between the junk he was hoarding when he comes across a secret passage in the wall of his bedroom. Upon entering, he gets trapped and can't get out.

Episode 3 (Repise): Upon descending several flights of seemingly-endless stairs, he finds himself coming down from the attic of the mansion. Confused, he decides to make his way through the trash and back to his room to find the secret compartment. He enters the room and is surprised to see that the trash is gone. He's even more surprised when he sees there's no other compartment.

Episode 4 (Child): Week time-skip; monolgue about how he was trying for days to get the original compartment on the attic stairs open. Exhausted, he falls asleep and dreams of his childhood. He sees himself in a dimly-lit basement playing with something. The dream ends before he can see what he was playing with. Waking up, he comes to the conclusion to check the basement. Upon checking, he realizes its not the basement from the dream, although his parents owned this mansion their entire lives.

Episode 5 (Time): Uncertain amount of time skipped. Hungry and delirious, he contemplates going outside. He comes to the conclusion that he hasn't seen anyone since his parents dead bodies, and hadn't heard anyone since the phone call saying that his parents were dead. He feels that something doesn't add up. After deciding to go outside and face his phobia, he collapses.

Episode 6 (Awakening Reprise): He has another dream, this time of a child that doesn't look like him in the same basement he thought he saw himself playing in. The child is playing with a dollhouse that looks strangely familiar. Before it directly shows the child, there's knocking. Knocking, knocking. He wakes up and makes his way to the door. Upon opening it, he sees
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Every one knows of about the vagina girls have as genitals, but did you know that there is another vagina? Those who have gone through hard times and closed themselves off from others have giant tears in the souls known the Vagina of the Heart. Generic Ehmcee-kun is having a tough time at his new high school. His character design is so nondescript, he doesn't think he stands a chance with any of the improbably large number of cute girls in his class. But one day, his half-loli, half-robot sister IMOUTRON reveals that she is secretly half angel, and has special instructions from God to give him an unusual gift on his fifteenth birthday, a heavenly weapon of supreme power known as The Meta Dildo. Chosen by destiny to wield The Meta Dildo, Ehmcee-kun must cleanse the darkness from people's hearts by stimulating the Vagina of the Heart's clitoris, and give his opponents the Holy Orgasm so they may love again. Being a Warrior of Heaven is tough work, but IMOUTRON and a new group of friends by his side, Ehmcee will find out that love conquers all!

Anon Studios Presents:


Cumming Summer 2014
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Loser Friend.

The protagonist is cursed. He has to make sure that his friend, the typical harem lead, gets all the girls and the protagonist has to become a Sunohara, hated, hit and humiliated by the girls. The laughing stok and punching bag of every story.

While the harem lead is blushing with the girls and having a romantic moment, the real protagonist is being beaten, hit by a car, in the hospital, ridiculed, underwater or chased by feral animals and it goes on and on.

It wouldn't be the problem if it happened once, but he has to do it infinite times. When he's done with a story another one beings, with different people and sometimes in a different time and a different setting.

This is story of the typical comic relief. Will this infinite chain of events ever end?
Original fanasy setting exploring the themes of pre-WWI 20th century colonialism, expansionism, and economic bullshittery. Possibly with some depression era thrown in for fun. Heavy emphasis on internal consistancy, realistic fashion and uniforms, and no fan service.

Follow the life of a 32 year old human that is part of the millitary occupation of some city, that gets caught up in a plot to destroy the western economy so that a shadowy cartel can get a monopoly on weapon manufacturing and dominate the governmental politics of the west.
I change the title to My Friend is a Loser.
That's all...
Harem anime lead, going to Highschool, aspirations.... Then suddenly his parents move to the US, and he is forced to leave his perfect JP highschool, and deal with the US educational system, the lack of short skirt uniforms, women in pants, non-mandatory clubs, etc.
>implying Japanese parents wouldn't put their kid in a private school with uniforms and mandatory clubs
1 cour ensemble cast show. Small airplane crashes on a mountain in a tropical climate, characters have to make their way back to civilisation.
>how can I self insert as much as possible
File: robot city.jpg (171.99 KB, 906x1280)
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171.99 KB JPG
>Set in the future
>M.C. is beta as hell but a robotics genius
>Decides to build custom fuckbot
>Something a bit off about it
>It starts developing a personality
>M.C. starts learning how to deal with girls as his robot waifu learns how to become more like a real girl
MC finds an indestructible motorcycle powered by demon magic and becomes a vigilante hero who defeats criminals by running them over.
Loli living in poverty discovers from getting raped in an alleyway that her vagina produces gold when raped. She goes around having sex with people to support her family.
Does it leave a trail of flames?
I'll give it a shot

The setting is an alternate reality where the Allies chose not to use the atomic bomb on Japan. America invaded from the south and Russia from the north. The allies basically took the big cities and such, and developed southern Japan into the prosperous and westernized country similar to real-world Japan. Russia obviously made commie-Japan, and it retains the aggressiveness and militarism of Imperial Japan while managing to be poor and despotic. Think east Germany vs West Germany scenario. Because the atomic bombs were never used, both Russia and the US are less cautious about fucking around with each other in the far east. Korea and Vietnam both still happen, as well as an additional conflict in China and constant fighting in Japan itself. The US and Russia are also not as huge into the whole arms race thing because no one realizes how much nukes can fuck shit up. Both sides are also slightly changed culturally. The US is even more conservative and militaristic in this timeline, causing them to actually win in both Korea and Vietnam. Russia is also a little less extreme, and they learn to tolerate some trade and freedom in order to keep up with the west, allowing the Soviet Union to survive. The rest of history plays out relatively the same as our own.

Hard mode

>an aspiring novelist is forced to put his dreams on hold when he is drafted into the army after world war three begins
>he writes letters home to his family telling them that he is fine and assuring them that everything is okay
>but he also writes to a woman
>she is also an aspiring novelist and they are something like rivals - often having competed for the same prizes in the same competitions
>but unlike his letters that go to his family, the ones he sends to her reflect how he really sees the war
>he writes almost as though the things happening around him are fiction
>lives are afforded no importance in the face of the fact that people are only characters and authors can kill as many characters as they like
>similar to this he makes other disturbing observations such as those about how some soldiers revel in the blood shed and how little their lives appear to be worth in the grand scheme of the war
>the strangest part though is that he blends in fantastical elements; he writes like this is some grand book that he hopes to publish upon his return
>but the fantastical elements (e.g. his squad is being bombed but all he sees is a great monster rampaging through the trenches and tearing men limb from limb) are his way of coping with what his brain does not want to properly comprehend
>she finds this completely heart breaking as he was always a gentle kind of person and his growing savagery begins to shine through as the letters continue to arrive
>unbeknownst to him, the girl decides that the world should see an account of the war like that and has his letters published in newspapers - local ones at first, but large international publications as his writing gains popularity
>through the words of someone who doesn't know how to deal with the war and what he has become having seen and caused death, the weight of the war begins to weigh heavily on the people, and the citizens of the world begin to force their governments to lay down arms
>MC is a 13 year old guy
>His parents don't give a shit about him
>One night, his bike is stolen
>Knowing his parents won't care, he decides to look for it himself
>He goes around asking his neighbors if they had seen his bike
>No one has seen anything
>When he is about to give up, he realizes he has one house left
>He goes to the last house and rings the doorbell
>To his surprise, a girl about his age opens the door
>MC tells her what happened, and she decides to go find the bike with him
>Thus, they embark in an adventure which will take them to the darkest corners of the city in order to find MC's beloved bicycle
>Over the course of the anime, the girl goes full yandere. When they finally find the bike she gets it run over by a truck and tells the MC that she is the only one he can ride.
Pinocchio: A Sex Worker Story

No, that's just silly.

It would talk, of course. They could do good cop/bad cop. And it would always be trying to get cute girls to sit on it.
妹の物語 (Imōto no monogatari)
SOL about 5 girls. Each of them has an older brother or sister. Two of them are middle schoolers, two are high schoolers and one is a grade schooler. None of them know each other, but the events of their daily lives are influenced by the others. The girls never directly interact between them, but sometimes they end up being in the same place at the same time. They all have different problems, going from bad grades to problems with their parents or siblings, and over the course of the series they try their best to overcome said problems. Without realizing, they are mutually helping each other solve their issues and grow as persons.
Stupid parents make the show all the better. Make them bumbling American stereotypes.
Sounds good, actually. Who would the characters be?
By 2017, automated manufacturing has become the big thing defining the two powers. Basically, the US is forced to change all it's industrial capacity to giant automated manufacturies, and anyone who is not a scientist or politician/lawyer w/e is basically on Gov't assistance. Think Dredd. Russia follows suit in order to compete. By this time, cybernetics, androids, advanced AI, and other high tech gadgets exist as well, this setting is at a GiTs level technology wise. After a nuclear incident that ended in near-MAD between American forces fucking around in China and Russian forces, the super powers agree to restrict hostilities to certain designated zones in Japan, basically in the no man's land between the North and South. The two sides have spent the last 20 or so years basically just throwing unlucky conscripts at each other, in an attempt to regulate their exploding populations. Eventually, strict control of birthrates becomes common in order to avoid the same thing happening again. In the current time (2017), the two super powers basically just fuck with eachother in Japan to pass the time and make it seem like they are actually doing something. They also often test new weapons systems and such in no man's land.

File: 1382591689519.png (168.28 KB, 511x561)
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168.28 KB PNG
But the company higher-ups won't make it, they'd die before putting their bets on plot over fanservice
File: 1389133719403.png (699.33 KB, 1392x1048)
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699.33 KB PNG
This thread makes me want to plot out the stupid /tg/ Ideas I have as if they were an anime. This is bad.
Late 80s-style anime about a laid-back but determined high school student who joins forces with his slacker friends to save his uncle's struggling sumo stable - by becoming the new trainee rikishi themselves! Thrills and spills and manly tears abound over the course of the sumo season as we follow the 6 young men from their start as rank amateurs to the grand championship! Can MC-kun take home the title and win the heart of the sweet girl who works part time at the dojo? Will fujoshits capitalize on the hot-blooded male cast even with their varying degrees of tubbiness? Find out in the next thrilling instalment of ChankoBu!
The show follows a 20 man squad of the "United Allied Operations Battalion," a joint-force unit composed of the best operators from each Allied country.
The MC is an American translation specialist who is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. He also knows a tiny bit of Korean. The MC is often gloomy and kind of reserved, and thinks to himself a lot. He has no problems killing though, and is considered kind of cold and calculating by the other squad mates. Over the course of the show, his rather tragic origins would be revealed.

Other squaddies would include people from various allied countries, like a British guy, Australian guy, maybe an Indian, w/e.

The only other character i'm sure of is Kenji. Kenji is literally /a/ if you gave /a/ a powered exo-skeleton with an integral explosive round firing mini-gun. He is always going on about his waifu, his exo-suit is covered in anime related art, and he is basically a massive otaku. It's also clear that a screw got loose somewhere. He also blasts famous anime OP's and ED's from his exo-suit.
I would watch it, but make it as good as Time of Eve and I would throw money at it
If someone from /tg/ made an anime.... It would either be super grimdark shit that had no plot or real characters. Or it'd be amazing. Mostly likely the first though.
The show would actually focus more on exploring this alternate reality rather than on fighting or war. Themes would include: Automated factories, the fate of those unfortunates who cannot find a job, technology, lost love, AI, post-humanism, ethics and morality in war, etc. It would be pretty heavy handed, but it would have some hopeful and humor related content as well. Overall the show would be pretty balanced between dark and light, edgy and funny, etc.

The final couple of episodes end when the Allies break their agreement with the USSR and begin nuking/zerging Soviet territories. These final episodes would be the ones the exploring the morality of war and all that. The ending would ambigous, and it would probably outwardly suggest a MAD scenario, but would also have plenty of evidence to suggest the world might not end after all. Basically, the ending, whatever it will be, should be open to interpretation.

And that's all I got.
The characters are all blonde Americans on a spaceship.

The story focuses on a Magical Intelligence officer who has to manage a team of unruly psychics, a pair of mech pilots, and an alcoholic maintenance officer as they deal with day-to-day dilemmas, mistakes, and life lessons.

The ship's mission is to fight Communist forces, and it does this with its on-board weapons and its group of mechs. The standard personal weapons are 1911's, laser M16's, and swords. The mechs carry giant versions of the same weapons.

Everything goes well until the Communists start using magic of their own, something which shouldn't be possible. When an enemy ship is boarded and captured, it's up to our MAGINT main character to interrogate the crew and find the source of their power without being corrupted by it.
What is Casshern Sins?
A 15 year old loli named Tony Hawk rides to school on a skateboard...FUCK I LOST
Maybe a World War Z (book) or Pulp Fiction style narrative would work. Unrelated characters who affect each other in this world without knowing. No real main character. Each episode would focus on one character or group. Maybe more than one if you are telling a longer story. Characters rang from Team Badass that you mentioned to a Soviet housewife in to the President of the US to a high schooler etc.
Yeah, I still want to have at least a "central" character. One of the things I was thinking was that he often hears people's stories and such, and then "tells them" to the viewer. There could also be episodes from a completely left field perspective.

I could work with no central character too.
So like the reporter from the World War Z book?
Haven't read that one. Zombies just don't do anything for me so I usually avoid the genre.

On a side note, i'm pretty /k/, so I would make sure most of the terminology and weapons are spot-on correct.
Was there ever a wiki erected for these threads? I remember discussion about it some months ago.

anyway here's a repost I like.
There is a 500 meter mech with the power to create pocket universes where the pilot dictates the laws of physics. It fights other supa rawboots with crazy powers.
Bog standard office melodrama: As a middleschool girl, MC fell in love with an asshole highschool kid who treated her like dirt, cheated on her, and spread rumours about thier relationship (like how she got pregnant and had an abortion) when they broke up. Devistated, depressed, she and her family moved away suddenly to a new city to start over. The woman becomes driven and determined, progressing through highschool and college with amazing academics eventually landing on the fast track to upper management in a major corporation when she marries the boss's son. Still in middle management, the woman realizes that the guy who almost ruined her life is a new, low tier hire.

She sets out to try and destroy his life as revenge, but all of her ploys(which rely on him behaving like his asshole old personality) are foiled or backfire as he continually takes the "good guy" path. End of the first cour is the two of them ending up trapped together overnight in the building after an earthquake and talking about their pasts, where he reveals that the rumors about her continued after she disappeared, saying she had killed herself over their breakup. The Guy(who has no idea the Woman is the same girl he dated having believed the rumours) turned his life around, determined to make up for his reprehensible behavior. The Woman is too ashamed to admit who she is and what she did, soon comes to realize she's fallen back in love with the Guy.

The second cour follows thier relationship as the Guy, who has come to realize all the hardships he faced earlier were because of her turns cold to her leaving her in limbo about coming clean about who she is in a way he would believe. Meanwhile her Husband feels a distance growing between them and makes attempts to bridge that gap, leaving her trying to decide if she can give up everything she has worked so hard for to chase the newly rekindled spark of romance.

This is the best one that I can remember seeing recently.
Story follows a town filled with raiders in a post-apocalyptic waste land. While some humans banded together in safe areas, others were compelled by their nature to turn to raiding. A large number of them make their home in this town and they fight against the coming return of civilisation now that the land has begun to heal.

Anti-heroes And Not-All-That-Bad-Bad-Guys: the Anime
Go ahead man. If it sucks we'll have forgotten about it about when this 404s anyway.
It is some distant future and a lone probe space ship carrying the MC robot burst to life when it finally passes by an inhabitable planet. It and its fellow robot probes are launcehd onto the planet to look for inteligent life and stumble upon neanderthal styled aliens but pick up advanced technology as well.
The series follow MC humanoid loli robot (seriously makes snes in terms of programing a self functioning explorerer) a neanderthal alien pet buddy, and a body guard dogish type ai robot as they search the alien world to find the source of the advanced signal.
All living things absorb magic as they grow, stored in the carbon that makes their bodies up. As they grow, and die, they pass down through the soil and becoming oil and other carbon deposits, these deposits continue to absorb magical energy, slowly turning into Sigil.

Sigil is the lifeblood of new world, magic empowered crude oil and coal which drives dieselpunk mecha called Derricks: steam powered multi-legged arachnomotives, Iron Horses, dieselpunk wargear armour called Sidearms, etc. In order to "suit up" into the armour you need skin to metal contact through a special oil medium, and only women can use the armour, so there's lots of scenes of cowgirls in bikinis rubbing each other down with oil and squeezing into tight-fitting mecha suits.

The heart of the story, though, is a family's tale of vengeance painted against that backdrop as two sisters fight a greedy, evil land baroness to regain the rights of the land their mother, a Texas Ranger, died trying to protect.

Art direction will be handled by Satoshi Urushihara. Because who better to handle glossy, oiled up lesbians squeezing into mecha suits... except maybe Shirow.
Jet Set Radio: The Anime.
I had an idea for a super power cyber punk conspiracy thing that follows the lives of many characters in Neo Detroit. Don't feel like typing it up right now.
Cardgames on gundams
File: scrot 21-01.jpg (147.39 KB, 1247x385)
147.39 KB
147.39 KB JPG
I'm partial to this one.
Fund it
A stubborn, hard-headed hero gotta save everyone in a world where everyone got powers and shit because he has The Gift.
A anime about a mute autistic kid who imagines this huge fantasy world and interacts with them and the fictional people in his head to cope with the fact that he can't communicate with other people.
Oh and each episode helps him learn a little bit about human interaction and other lessons and the final episode will be him finally speaking after being silent all his life
The setting is in the future in which an illegal underground drug is produced that provides people with the power to create illusions. The anime series features a lonely protagonist addict who is on a case in finding his lover's killer. The story is told in non chronological order. You find more information about the man's past and the girl he had met since high school. Throughout the story you see hints that his love might not be dead to begin with... Manipulation, deception, revenge, and hidden agendas are all motivating factors for the primary villain- his lover who is in fact searching for several people who have murdered her family.
MC is a native Japanese who just got accepted to an experimental International high school where the students are from all over the world. He's excited to make friends that aren't going to be from Japan.

When he goes to see his new classmates, the main cast (those who sit near him) introduce themselves, a black guy who's a total bro who's captain of his football team, a blond girl from Orange Country, California who's a spoiled bitch but secretly wants the MC's dick because she has an Asian fetish, and a genki Hispanic girl who's captain of her soccer team. Blah blah blah, they all say they're excited to start living in Japan, shenanigans, all that good stuff.

Then when MC walks home, he notices behind a spacial distortion, then the objects behind him start compress, then then implode. The series of implosions start to follow him in the same path he was walking in. In terror, MC starts running away then out picked up from the ground like a crane grabbed him, but notices he's being held by nothing. Then something like a hatch appears out of thing air, and MC sees the Orange County bitch in it. She tells him to get in and inside the hatch is what looks like a mecha cockpit from all the mecha anime he watches.

It turns out the implosions are caused by interdimensional alien monsters. Orange Country bitch explains to MC that they're the ones responsible for all the natural disasters that have been happening for the past 5 years such as the Earthquakes in Japan or the Typhoon that just hit the Philippines. Her, bro black guy, and genki spanish girl are part of a team that pilots special interdimensional mechs that eradicates these aliens. The team is part of a top secret organization dedicated to this purge that is funded by the UN and NASA.
An anime about pirates. I don't know what the plot is but I feel like watching pirates right now.

I forgot to add, the high school MC goes too is one of the global branches of the organization, they're spread across the globe to get more recruits. They recently made one in Japan.
An ex-military strategist travels a barren wasteland with a band of mercenaries, desperately trying to make enough to survive while also avoiding his destiny as the "chosen one" which by legend, ends with his death.
Previously he was captured during his military campaign after an injury, by his own government. They knew he was "the chosen one" and altered his body to turn him into a weapon for personal use. However he went rampant and escaped.
I can tell the ending would be super bittersweet.
A guy with the ability to make things whole again. A girl with the power to remove sin from people. Together, they extract pieces of the fruit of knowledge from people until they have enough to completely rebuild it and undo the original sin.

Doing this causes everyone to become tang.
A prince of a alien world must first conquer another planet to gain the throne and the chosen one is earth.

But when he reach here the earth is already conquered by another alien species. Together with a ex-slave loligirl and the "hero of the legend" he must first elimate all the lesser aliens scum

The final would be a fight betwhen the hero and the alien prince to see who would dominate the earth
>MC lives right by the beach, and it's set during summer break so that almost every episode can plausibly be a beach episode
>her friends represent all the major body types
>her eccentric uncle lives nearby and owns a small shop by the beach
>he's jack-of-all-trades type who's current business venture is just one of many previous ventures
>taking advantage of the prolonged heatwave, the shop does AC repair
>name of the shop and the show is Fanservice
A goddess falls in love with a mortal and tries to create a world that repeats without end so they may be together forever. She doesn't realize how much time she's taking and her love withers away before she can save him.

Having used all of her power on this dream, it shatters and remanifests hundreds of years later. A group of children, each bearing likeness to either the goddess or her love in some way, become host to the goddess's lost power.

Now these children must realize the true nature of their powers before the shattered dream becomes a nightmare and they take part in a neverending tragedy.

I don't think anybody will realize what I'm describing.
this but everyone is a cute little girl
the big gay man in particular is played by your waifu
Wehave lolis on skateboard? Why are we not funding that again?
>Highschool dropout guy running ramen stand.
>A group of female office workers eat on his shop
>he sex them up
>2 cute highschool girls eat on his shop
>he sex them up
>a group of obaasan eats in his shop
>he sex them up
>a loli in skateboard eats in his shop
> he still sex her up
>he's caught by the popo for pedophilia and rape.
Towards the turn of the next century, mankind makes first contact. Our fears are assuaged man is not alone, and our neighbors seem friendly.

Mankind receives a sort of "welcome package", instructions on how to construct and use a form of FTL propulsion and communication. Man awaited further news from their stellar neighbors but nothing else came.

It takes almost an entire generation before mankind masters both FTL travel and comms.

The first ship jumps to the designated co-ordinance and the FTL beacon transmits its first signal (something akin to the data on the Voyager I record)

The response is almost instantaneous.

Fleets of ships descend upon the solar system, filled with diplomats and researchers from the intelligent species in our region of the galaxy. Man had finally entered a new age.

The MC is a young man who grew up in the midst of a united human effort to build the FTL projects. He grew up watching science shows that speculated on what the galaxy at large held, just from the relatively small bits of communication sent during first contact decades ago.

He's been tasked with leading a small team of researchers across the civilized and uncivilized area of the now open galactic quadrant. In the spirit of good-will and cooperation, many of the researchers on his team are not human. While this makes for great photo-ops, both the MC and his non-human compatriots realize the serious social experiment about to take place.

The focus of this story is exploring all of the stuff that is usually hand-waved in other science fiction. How does one exactly integrate into an interstellar community? What do they know that we don't? What do we take for granted, and they think truly mystifying?

Lots of potential for navel-gazing and scenery-porn. Lots of interesting ideas for space aliens too.
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A group of cute girls play tabletop games. Think of it like a comedy in the style of Joshiraku or Gintama.

One of the girls is a power player. She tends "accidentally" win games with ridiculous strategies. In roleplaying games she tends to make completely min-maxed characters without trying. Often says things like "why are you guys always trying to beat me first?" with a completely insincere face.

Second girl is full troll-mode. It's hard to tell whether she is serious or not when playing the game. The other girls often get angry at her for doing things that affect the whole group. They also like having her around because she makes things interesting.

Third girl is the supposed airhead of the group. Other girls can't tell what she's thinking, and because of that she wins games she has no business winning. Still the most opinionated. Tends to be the first person to voice distaste for a game.

Last girl in the main cast is just there because she's friends with the other girls. She enjoys the games, but doesn't really put much thought into them. She doesn't talk much due to being shy, but is also often the voice of reason in non game related matters.
Your ending seems a bit too easy and clear-cut, but that's a god-tier idea m8
No, please tell us?
It'd just be the most generic believe in yourself shonen shit ever
probably something like
>evil flamboyant business guy wants to rule world
>uses money to get mech suit to make him super powerful
>buys an army and 8 elite general guys (so we can have a tournament arc)
>mc is some poor cunt
>some sort of connection to evil guy that makes him want to defeat him
>makes loads of friends doing so and eventually decides he'll defeat him to save others and not for revenge
>final episode is literally just villain becoming godlike and fighting the mc
>mc fights him with GUTS AND SPIRIT
>even match
>villain gets massive power up for some reason
>mc getting ass kicked
>on his knees bleeding
>"theres no hope, i cant win" or some over shit like that
>suddenly "WE BELIEVE IN YOU MC"
>whole world cheering him on
>gets up and some generic j-rock plays
i would watch this without hesitation
>WOW MC, you have such great taste in anime
>you are also very physically attractive
fund it
Not my idea, I found it in the back of a Sankarea volume. It was the author's original idea for a manga about a zombie girl.
>Girl gets murdered
>girl wakes up, wants revenge
>Girl slowly falls apart
>Girl needs to kill murderer before she falls apart completely

It'd be like a reverse shounen, where the main character grows progressively weaker and loses abilities/limbs as the plot goes on.
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pic related

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