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Why didn't anyone tell me this was this good?
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Because most idiots were all
>muh 2D
about this.
I think the CG is really useful for the naval warfare.

I mean, sometimes it gets strange because the hair isn't very fluid or the rotations seem stiff, but most of the time it's okay.
Somehow, I still think they all look really cute.
Take https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrwoPgYNoUY for example. It's pretty badly done, but I could watch it on loop, loving every second of it.

By the way, if you like the show, be sure to read the manga as well.

The CG took getting used to, and it pretty much devolves into the worlds most over armed harem, but yeah, I liked it. It sold really well, too. I think it even beat IS (I know season 2 was shit, but IS sells like sex in Nipland) so there's a good chance of a sequel.

Maybe we'll even get to know what the fuck the Fog are. My bets are an alien AI set on preserving humanity by keeping them stuck on Earth and preventing them from having any more world wars. Like a nice version of the space station in Oblivion
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Screenwriter is ready for season 2
Not reboot,season 2
And yes,fat yamato
Must anon spoonfeed at every step?

Well then, You should also check out Bacano, Cowboy bebop, samurai champloo and boko no pico. Once you gradudate from the kiddy pool just make a recommendation thread on /a/ !
>Not reboot,season 2
I refuse to accept a season 2 without 402, dammit.
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Too CG for me. Not my cup of tea, but I have it downloaded for later.
400 and 402 is pretty easy to write them back
They never show their core destroyed,just said yamato pick them back,easy
If the cores weren't destroyed, them disappearing from the quantum network doesn't make sense.
Also, Iona experiencing someone's "death" and wanting to stop Kongou from going through the same also won't make sense if they weren't destroyed.
400 took a full vaporizing torpedo to the control-room area (specs similar to 401 so thats a sure kill), no way her core could've survived.
402 remained on her sub as it sank to the bottom before exploding.

They are dead.
Why they have to make sense?who cares the sense
Those who don't want a show they like to go to shit, that's who.
Are you an idiot?
File: 1383120346157.png (2.96 MB, 2457x1364)
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2.96 MB PNG
I never understood that argument for not watching. I just hope for a s2 and for more carnival
I'm pretty sure 99.8% people don't think the show will go shit because 400 and 402 are back
A majority never gives a shit about consistency or anything like that, so that's not surprising.
Pretty sure that they still a comm system to communicate, not just using their core.
In the manga, Takao was not able to communicate when she is destroyed and only capable of leaving a stress signal right before her core was salvaged if I remember correctly.
>Iona vs generic ships
>Iona vs Takao
>Flashy, but boring. Also worst girl
>Iona vs the duo
>Very flashy, slightly interesting. New worst girl gets vaporized.
>Duo's vacation
>Worst girl is now a teddy bear, dumb girl is adorable as fuck. Great episode
>Duo vs Military
>BAD END CONFI-Oh fuck they're back
>Iona and Co back at base
>Meeting with Kongou and Maya
>Escape and Iona's Sisters
>Just how the fuck can there be this many worst girls?
>Fight with Sisters
>Takao somewhat dead, still annoying as shit. Sisters dead, surprisingly emotional. Still a boring fight due to DIALOGUE
>Kongou as the Death Star
>Confirmed anime original. Absolutely fucking stupi-POWER OF FRIENDSHIP BULLSHIT, FUCK

I watched from start to finish. The CGI was very bad, but I held out expecting it to get better. I thought for sure the psycho bitch Kongou would sink and die like the generic villains did. Instead, I wound up watching something absolutely bad.

I don't get it. Is the manga this bad? Because the CGI anime was horrible. Maybe the girls aren't so insufferable, or the junk characters don't talk as much?
Because "elitism."
They don't care whether a show is good or bad. If it's not "pure 2D anime," they don't watch.

Takao was never fully destroyed in the manga, only her ship body plus damage to limbs of MM. She could always communicate except for when 402 froze her to put the memory block in, which is a special case.
And in the anime, Takao could be in their communication space even when her MM was completely gone. (She came with everyone else when Kongou was going mad there alone.)
>The CGI was very bad
You seem to be an "all CGI is bad" retard. Didn't look as good as real 2D, obviously, but this is the probably the best CGI there has been in anime. CGI is improving.
This show certainly didn't look "very bad." If you honestly think that, you probably can't watch many anime, not just CGI.

>bashing Nanoha end
That's just terrible taste.
>this is the probably the best CGI there has been in anime
Not him, but you're delusional. Go watch MJP.
Huh differ
ent strokes for different folks I guess.
Still shots looked very convincing, looks like 2D. It was only when things moved is when it looked weird and stiff, because not enough frames used to animate a movement.

With more budget and 3D animators, this anime could have looked amazing. Still, I liked it.
>fat yamato
My body is not ready.
I'm not against CGI. I'll gladly watch something that's good. If I wanted to watch MikuMikuDance Battleship, I'd go play around in MMD. That's all this was, save for some decent naval warfare.
>that Repulse

She is far too fucking cute. Takao has competition for the best Battle Cruiser with Repulse now around.

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