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ITT: describe your dream future episode for a current series. Mine is for Gunpla Build fighters.

Ral gets a booty call from Sei's mom to meet him at the World Tournament Arena. He gets there, turns out it was the PPSE Chairman and Codename C using a voice modifier. All of the Gunpla Mafia is there too. They've stolen all of his Gouf models and they tell him he has to follow all of their instructions and whatever happens to him he has to act like he enjoys it. If he doesn't, they will break all of his Goufs and boot Sei and Reiji from the Tournament.

Next day, Ral walks into a room wearing diapers and a pacifier, acting like a retarded baby. All of the Gunpla mafia is there and they give him the most brutal gangrape in history. As instructed, Ral acts like he completely enjoys it and asks for more.

Then in walks that guy Tatsuzo from episode 7. He joined the Gunpla Mafia for revenge. He's been eating a special protein-only diet for weeks just for this. He pulls down his pants and out comes the longest, thickest, hardest log ever, and proceeds to use it to give Ral the most furious ass-to-ass action ever recorded. Ral can't hold his tears anymore, but pretends they're from pleasure. It's finally over.

Then the Chairman reveals the room they're in is actually see through from the outside, and they're in the tournament arena. All of the audience has been watching Ral get gangbanged and enjoy it, and it's been broadcasted worldwide. They finally kick him out of the premises, and break all of his models anyway.

Later, Ral runs into Sei's mom, who tells him she didn't know he was such fag. Her husband walks in and proceeds to have passionate sex with her in front of Ral, and after he finishes, pees all over him, much to her delight.

After the ending credits, Ral is wandering off in a road in the middle of nowhere. A speeding car runs him over and breaks his spine, but it's non lethal. He is left laying there in extreme pain for days, and finally dies of hunger.

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