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Attack on Titan really intruigued me at first because it reminded me, and hundreds-or thousands-of others of Shadow of the Collossus.
But with Web Shooters (well, not really, but you get the swinging idea)

Anyway, I was blown away by the story and really digging it until BAM it became, as another /a/ user aptly put it a "flesh mecha anime".
But with Gamma Radiation (well, not really, but you get the hulking point)

To the point: I understand AoT has it's own designs and though its plot went in a TOTALLY different direction than I expected/hoped it does have its own thing and I respect that.

I just can't watch it anymore.
What about you? How many of you were excited o/r disappointed by the reveal of the actual plot?
I can and will watch it, just to see how it develops

In my case I just tough it seemed interesting, I have never played Shadow of the Colossus, or anything but I liked it. Later on i just couldn't stand Shinji 2.0 getting his ass kicked whenever he is conscious and how Asuka-rei sue was such a typical manga character, she feels so 2D that it hurts my eyes.

Yet, in all honestly, what i can't stand is how this shit leaches so much on the "Boo hoo hoo, Humans are the real evil". It must be really good for all the Emo manga lovers that after being rejected by society pretend they never wanted to be a part of it.
Further more, can you human haters agree already? Are we war and destructions machines or are we weaklings that give up on the first challenge? Or is it that we were just made to take the wrong decisions at all times?
That must be the reason we become the dominate race on the planet, we just were set already, no effort was ever made by our kind.

Now, I know this is just me venting, and I'm assuming a lot of things here, but it's just the way this makes me feel.
I really liked it at first. It felt like they'd found a hook to make what is basically another fucking zombie story actually tense and frightening again.

And then it kind of took a jump into shonen hero mode.
And then INFILTRATORS! which would almost be interesting, except that this means that our mindless forces of nature aren't mindless forces of nature, and so they must have motives. But then they don't really flesh that out.

The thing that bothers me about infiltration is that rarely do you see an infiltrator plot which actually establishes why they'd betray the life they've lived in for sometimes decades, at the drop of a hat, and throw away all the comforts of their new life.

If they're literally programmed robots like Cylons, that's one thing. But if you give them actual human motives and personality and don't have a bullshit mind control thing to force them to be evil, you need to explore that shit.

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