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Slowpoke here. I finally finished TTGL today.
in before trolls
so what did ya think?
I fap to Anti-Spiral
keep us updated!
Shitty end hey.
A good way to enjoy GL is to stop at ep.23

I liked it a lot. Wasn't BEST ANIMU EVER MADE, but it was enjoyable.

Probably should have skipped the epilogue, pretty shit end for Simon.
First part was the best for me, up through episode 15. They probably should have ended with Genome losing, maybe an epilogue from there.

Instead we get Rossiu turning into a prick, Spiral power that actually will destroy the universe, and Nia (and half the supporting cast) explodes.

Also, Simon becomes a bum who helps ungrateful orphans open their coconuts.
How could neone troll Gurren Laggen?

Gurren-Lagann is the best thing sliced bread.

It is full of symbolism, philosphy, ideals and strong message about moving forward.

The concept of evolution is very strong in Gurren-Lagann, you must move forward, but you will destroy everything by doing so, will you do it?

The animation is superb, 22000 frames per episode is really serious. It's like watching five shows at the same time.

The characters are perfect. Kamina, Simon, Nia, Yoko, theu are more than chracters they are live people.

Gurren-Lagann is the anime that will define anime for centuries to come, believe it!
gtfo copypasta
Moving forward is for fags. Everything should stay the same.

No. Episode 24 is truly weak, probably the worst in the show along with 14... but 27 and 26 are by far the best`anime episodes aired in 2007.

Uh, remember episode four?
four was great, and I hate GL

I liked episode 4, it was creative and stylishly grotesque.
enjoy your cancer

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