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Have you ever suffered through a worse anime than Maburaho?

If so, how are you getting internet access from the seventh circle of hell?
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>worse than Maburaho
Too many of them sadly.
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Don't get me fucking started
You havent witnessed the hell of harems, my friend, Maburaho was fairly entertaining.

>Kage kara Mamoru
>Koi Koi7
I've swear to the elder gods and Demonbane, that you will never seen a harem anime worse than KoiKoi 7...well, may be Love Love, but Love Love at least had some juicy shots
The entire moeshit genre of which Maburaho somewhat belongs to would like a word with you.
I wish Maburaho was the worst anime I've watched.
>Have you ever suffered through a worse anime than Maburaho?

There are questions you should never ask, because you could get an answer

File: The-Melody-of-Oblivion.jpg (169.53 KB, 346x500)
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Eiken was a short OVA that was pretty much a comedic mockery of how sexually extreme anime can get. Every scenario and setup was deliberately done to great effect. Even the shitty god awful drama was superb. I didn't find it awful at all. There's actual shit and then there's the golden shit you can show off to people. Yes, this is a thing that exists and now you too share knowledge of its existence. A little corner of your brain now knows of its horrendous forever.

I mean please at least point out actual terrible anime like Melody of Oblivion. Eiken only lasted a few episodes. MoO is an entire fucking season of why am I watching this and why can't I stop? This is just the worst but shit I started it and I need to know why any of this is happening and if anything ever gets explained. Answer: no it doesn't and please stop you're going to hurt yourself if you devote one more brain cell to any attempt at analyzing this bullshit that the writers call a script.

Wait... wait... you may be on to something. The OVA is based on an actual manga that somehow is going 119 chapters strong to this day. Holy shit.


But still at least only some of it was animated.

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