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Hey /a/! Fa/tg/uy here.

I got this small problem of mine, my GM decided that we're allowed to use Homebrewed classes.
He likes Naruto, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not that high on the Naruto-side of animes.
Either way, I decided to throw him a bone and made a Shinobi character.
I got to roll on this fancy table and I got something called 'Rinnegan', -being an idiot- I took the bait.
So I got the powers of making something he calls 'Path's' (Zombies) that I can control and see through and whatnot.

I go about the adventure, kidnapping girls in my age and make them my dolls,
giving them personalities since my main 'me' is a shy little girl and this will be the way to develop her to a more interesting character.
Here's the kicker... The last time we played, the GM told me that the next time I pin girls with my 'Chakra-sticks',
I'll need to sit in a 'Gedo Statue' to function propperly.

What by the ninety-nine blades of Vaul is a Gedo Statue? Is there a way to avoid this fate?
Am I to be wheelchaired to an unmovable statue in the middle of the Town Inn?

Alternativly, point me towards and episode which explains Rinnegan, cause I didn't read the manual.

(Pic related, it's how I Rinnegan, apparently)
Find a new GM with better taste.
Dude, it's 2014. If you just Google Rinnegan and Gedo Statue you'll find pages where Narutards have painstakingly written down what happens in the show, along with references.
Maybe I just over-read it the first times I googled due to the fact that I can't understand the concepts.
A) you disappoint me /tg/, you are supposed to lurk

B) we know jack shit of naruto, more taboo than FATAL here
I'm still growing my neckbeard.

I did suspect it of being somekind of taboo.
Then why did you make the thread?
I'm being polite since you herald the board that /a/ respects, but you are sounding awfully retarded.
I wasn't sure, it felt like something you'd have the answers to, seeing this is the anime board.
I alteast suspected there to be one dormant Naruto-coated anon floating around, waiting for a moment to say: "AHA! I KNOW THIS!" and then call me an idiot for not knowing obvious shit.

I appreciate your politeness towards my degenerated mind.
We have a softspot for you fatguys, but sadly all naruto fans have been purged.

Now go, your elfs won't rape themselves, and don't make threads without lurking, /a/ would beat up a blindman for lesser offenses.
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>Equips Wizard hat.
>Picks up Staff.
>Disappears in a puff of colourful smoke.

Tell your GM he's a fucking faggot, but you'll graciously play along by using the goatse guy as your Naruto character. He's actually from Naruto, we here on /a/ officially confirm it. Make sure to print out the photo to give to your GM.

I have no idea what a gedo statue is since I haven't watched that garbage in ten years.
Speaking of fucking faggots, he played a Naruto character in one of my campaigns; he got way out of control, he also had somekind of eyes that could see everything.
Red eyes with 2-4 pupils or whatevs, couldn't even spell it on my damned GM notes, I went along with it, since I didn't want to come off as a jerk.

The problem is, I couldn't kill the guy! It just came back! Monsters cutting him right and left, suddenly, he's a log and now there's two of them and whatnot.
I'm not the GM that 'Rock falls, everyone dies', so I just kept throwing Kampfer-like moderators on him until he died, which he never did.
Had to lock him in limbo with a Souldrinker after he rage killed one of the other players with a... beam of light?

But god damn, I did learn that day, never let a Naruto based character into my campaigns.

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