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IIT: We indulge in talking thoroughly about this miracle of the universe. I am fond of the idea, which is about a meek, dull and apathetic girl who turned out to be a constantly sadistic and horny slut, I get ardently aroused whenever i lay eyes on this unfathomably beautiful bitch. Can we have a serious discussion on her /a/? Or are you too busy faping to lolis and moe trash?
I prefer my bitches horny and submissive. Good luck finding a decent male character to match them up with though.
>moe trash
Off to a good start.
>Vice prezibitch
>Not crowbitch

Your shit taste is showing anon.
Lurk more before posting, faggot.
Why did you have to be such a faggot about this, OP? Why are there always militant fantards like you in everything?
>militant fantards
How did you come up with such assumption fellow /a/vid otaku?
Hana best and PUREST girl
Shiraki Meiko is not a simple girl, she is a she is a goddess,how could you ignore it!, for those who do not share the same opinion I would say they are just fucking pleb, how can't we succumb to this diabolical charm, and god this body !
All this unreasonably extravagant acclaim and enthusiasm for a 2D man-imagined chick, you are just emphasizing how hell of a virgin you are. Now get the fuck back to facebook please.
Crazy pee girl is best girl

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