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I don't get it, people say Akutabe and Rinko are villain protagonists, but I don't really see them as villains all that much.

The main reason I hear is their attitude towards the demons, but I don't buy that.
I mean, just look at them and how they act, they NEED to be beaten down into terror and submission otherwise you wind up like the NEET lizard.
Akutabe is just being smart in being a ruthless maniac when disciplining them.

As far as the agency goes and the morals of both summoners, Akutabe is very blunt in the whole "Be careful what you wish for" rule demons in all mythologies abide by.

Hell even Rinko just uses things to her advantage, and I don't really see the huge issue in what she does.
>Is blackmailed into cosplaying for a bunch of fuggernaut otaku's in exchange for notes
>Just manipulates them and uses them for a profit when she finds out there's money to be made

Hell that dickhead angel didn't save the girl being molested while Rinko did.
And he could have, as if he truly couldn't meddle with human affairs he wouldn't be visible or able to talk to humans. But he's shown talking to the bouncer and waitress in the same episode, so he's obviously not following the rules of heaven.

I don't know, am I forgetting something about them that shows they're complete bastards to other people?

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