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File: Steins;Gate.full.676975.jpg (845.86 KB, 1500x1086)
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Sup /a/, let me get your opinion on Steins;Gate.
Give yours first
You fucking what mate?
5/5 breddy gud :DDDDD

But then, I might be biased because of my waifu.
Love this masterpiece.
i want to see dr pepper girl rapped
File: bitchikillu.gif (39.21 KB, 100x100)
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I dropped it 12 minutes into the first episode because I though that the girl coming down to find the weird guy in the confeerence room was too unlikely and only catered to losers.

don't do that again anime, if you approach anything nearly as stupid as tatami galaxy again I'll just nuke tokyo and blame it on muslims to get more people to go to iran.
It's great.
The only anime I've rewatched 2 times.
Incomparable to the VN once you read it. Still a pretty solid adaptation.
Seriously read the VN and go for Suzuka's route
File: jogasaki.png (167.93 KB, 626x347)
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>tatami galaxy
Does Daru have an ending like Sunohara in Clannad
Not at all.
I marathoned it in a day, loved it, and moved on. I watched the OVA but not the movie. Haven't bothered with any of the S;G specific spinoffs, but I did watch R;N and started (but never finished) reading C;H.
Well lets think of this objectively and within the contexts of time travel series in general.
>Stein's Gate was confusing and well within it's own parallels of a time travel series, it was no Doctor Who but it had its characters
>The main guy was clearly a take on the Doctor and the girl was his companion
>The fat kid was the fanfiction writer right? Then he diddled some microwave and a banana made copy then they were like wow now it's future diary fuck me where's yuno gasai
>In end good ending needed more Yuuuuuki~
Steins;Gate is the biggest cancer on this board, it's even worse than Raildex and Madoka.

At least Raildex fans know their show is shit, and Madoka fans don't pretend their show is a masterpiece.

Steins;Gate fans however take their shit seriously,

/jp/ dropped Steins;Gate in a good time. While this show can be called "entertaining", it's fanbase on the other hand, consist of ignorant casuals and gaiafags who are part of the cancer killing /a/.

Do not be fooled. You can always spot these people in the recommendation/source/radio/"a sings"/greentext sorties threads or by their mediocre tastes and ignorant attitude. Do not try to engage with them in conversations, just report their posts, sage a thread they post in, and don't respond to them.
Steins; Gate is a pretty terrible anime. It doesn't do anything new, all the characters are one dimensional and stereotypical, the plot is beyond retarded, and the MC is such a pussy and all he does is cry about his friend dying and becoming depressed because he some how keeps failing and blaming his failures on other people instead of himself like a responsible person.

Also, if you want a good plot about time travel you should go play Chrono Trigger. Best plot about time travel ever and without all the grimdark shit that comes with time travel.

Give me one good reason why we should talk about shitty Steins;Gay here, when you have your shitty ass Forums and websites devoted to where you can all cocksuck over it?

Stuttering;Gay used to sagebombed since the first day and frowned upon, it makes me sick you little kids think you have the right to come here and have discussion here.

There are places for people like you, please go there.

I'll even link you to it, http://www.gaiaonline.com/
Now leave and never come back.
Wow, so cool, you must be really proud to have such a vendetta against a simple show.

> and Madoka fans don't pretend their show is a masterpiece.
This is unrelated, but you could of fooled me.
I'm guessing someone is a little butt hurt by opinions.
File: kurisu.jpg (63.73 KB, 1280x720)
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I just watched everthing Steins Gate within these last 24 hours. It was pretty good brah.
Nice. I watched the show in like a week and it was a wild week.
It could have been better if it wasn't based on a VN and had a better cast. It certainly doesn't deserve to be near the top of MAL.

haha, oh wow. then there is this retard. that would be explained if you actually watched the whole anime.
File: 120808130.jpg (59.11 KB, 780x450)
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I want to see Kurisu rapping too.
Daru is awesome. The nice thing about Steins;Gate was all the characters got a good end.
>not recognizing obvious pasta
Get out of /a/ and never come back.

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