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a 12 year old boy with blonde hair(even though hes a chink he somehow has blonde hair)
who is part *** part fox, he has little lines on his face and usually has a chinky expression.
He has a crush on some bitch with pink hair who will never love him, and some chubby blind bitch wants his ****.
he thinks hes a ninja but he trains and uses his skills in the middle of the day, not in the shadows, and all he does is use his skills to make runaway tactics so he can go masturbate into some ramen.
there are currently 643,431 volumes released.
the creator said he will stop when his arm ges tired, it looks like theres hope but sadly the creator is a homoerotic robot. [/end summary]


And when will chapter 338 be released...
i always thought it was showing the difficulties a white guy [ aka the blonde] had while trying to survive in a japanese area. exclusion and people think he's annoyin. he also is loud and brash, and talks and end a sentence with the same thing

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