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The lack of suicide in this board is disturbing so let's have a Suicide Island thread!
What do you think will happen, will they get off the island? will they even want to? and even more importantly. which side will win in the upcomming battle? camp fishing do have an advantage when it comes to battle gear but camp farming don't seem to have any problems with killing humans and have more muscle. Also they have a cannibal on their side.

If it ever gets enough media coverage it could be deemed inhumane and interventions could occur. Japans government may get overturned or other countries could 'rescue' them.
Some will leave, some will stay.

>camp farming
>camp fishing
They're both the same camp.

The antagonistic community live off livestock like chickens.

I will guess both sides will take enough fatalities and show such an ugly side of humanity that he'll forsake everything and seek the hermit, or live in seclusion with only Ikaru and the blonde in tow.
>he'll forsake everything and seek the hermit, or live in seclusion with only Ikaru and the blonde in tow.
I think he care too much about his group to leave them permemently. tho he might leave for a while if it all goes to hell.
Just caught up, now waiting for more chapters will be painful.

I figure the ending of the series will be leaving the island, but they're far from being there yet (though I can't really estimate how far - hopefully the series goes on for a long time. How are the sales and stuff?).

There's a lot of things that could potentially happen in the upcoming battle. I think they'll "win" but the leader guy will die, at least.
I loved the manga but the fucking art made it so painful to read.
Specially the fucking noses.
Is anyone reading Destroy and Revolution (or whatever)? I want to, but everyone by the author looks the same so I can only read one of his series at a time.

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