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File: AOTS Fall 2014.jpg (575.63 KB, 876x1317)
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Protip: Not even Guilty Crown and Fall 2011 beats this season.

Next season is only missing:
1. Akame ga Kill
2. Sentou Josou Masaorowu (however you spell it)
3. Gintama.
4. The Urubotchi movie aimed at kids with lots of PLOT and mecha and chain-smoking aniki-figures.
Really looking forward to Ping Pong, Mushishi, Yama no Susume full lengths and Mekaku City Actors.

It really does look a great season, there are probably some others worth looking forward to aswell that I don't know anything about yet.
Also needs SAO S2....

Captain Earth:

Gokukoku no Brynhildr:

Jojo Pt. 3: Stardust Crusaders:

Mahouka: (Mini-trailer)
Haha too bad, not available in the USA of God Loves Us and Fuck You, Japan. Just kidding, it's right here (It shows absolutely nothing):

No Game, No Life: (Superior PV. The music reminds me of... something... the NEET Denpa Kanojo thingy?)

Sidonia no AOTS:

And I'm too lazy to look for the other two.
Fate Zero, S3:
Sidonia does look interesting actually.

Here is Ping Pong.


They should have got Studio 4c to do it though, they did a great job with Matsumoto on Tekkonkinkreet.
>Guilty Crown

This confused me. Are you serious or not?

Yes, the season looks promising.
File: 56903l.jpg (48.77 KB, 225x320)
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48.77 KB JPG
SHAFT please don't fuck up
Isn't Black Bullet also next season?
I have "Ping Pong" up there, something seeming to be a joke, and someone confirmed that show as real. Besides, why would I lie to you?

Isn't this vocaloid, though?
Not really. It uses IA for song vocals but isn't connected to the Vocaloid characters or universe at all. It's a franchise with novels and manga of its own. Should be fun to watch with /a/ considering how much suffering there is in it.
Its an adaptation of a story told through a series of extremely popular vocaloid songs yes. The LN adaptation of those songs is ridiculously popular.
>Yama no Susume full length
Holy shit, looks like I've been living behind a rock. Is it really full length though? Quick googling only mentioned second season.

And yeah, next season is gonna be fantastic. Mushishi s2 already makes it amazing.
File: 1386543773459.jpg (55.25 KB, 652x720)
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55.25 KB JPG
This has been the best season for a while, I'm enjoying it a lot.

It is.
>3D Gauna
Spring can't come fast enough
I'm watching a lot of shows, but it's nowhere near the 17 I initially picked up when Jojo first aired (I dropped all but 3, but who can blame me?). Next season will be good, but not as good as Jojo's first season's companions.
File: EArTh_the_Endness_c01.jpg (415.17 KB, 1097x1600)
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415.17 KB JPG
>No Game, No Life
Does this anime even Kamiya Yuu? Where's my gradient hair? Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi has one.
>Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
What is this, and what other example of gradient hair exists in anime? Persona 4? Persona 3?
It is confirmed? source?
It's an LN (that got an anime) that Kamiya Yuu did some illustration although only main girl has gradient hair.
hmm, is it any good?
Decent almost borderline forgettable with a few characters standing out. I'm saying this as someone who only watched the anime and didn't bother with the LN.

C3 would probably be the (slightly) better anime but gradient hair girl gets shafted later in the series.
ahah, i loved C3, until I dropped it harder than a rock falling off a cliff. Then, I'll watch C3.

<Final Bump>
File: 1387873859521.png (283.40 KB, 512x504)
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283.40 KB PNG
Is this Spring?

I don't know alot about studios or anything, but those all look pretty great.

Loved Rahxephon, hopefully Captain Earth is decent.

Still need to watch Jojo.

Thank god Mushishi is getting a second season, it fucking deserves one.
Ya, it's spring. Everything winter season sucks, so we should all just hibernate until spring.
>Nothing has come out yet
>It's the best!

It has Mushishi s2, which already means it's the best. The rest is icing on the cake.

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