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/a/ I've never watched an anime other than Spirited Away which I really enjoyed, can you suggest some good animes similar to Spirited Away? You know, sort of fantasy type thing. I tried to watch Bleach but I found it to be too.. immature and typically Japan if you know what I mean.

>Inb4 Boko no Pico, I know what that is

Pic somewhat related, only picture I have even remotely related to anime
Go fuck yourself.

You should check out Natsuyasumi.
Man, fuck the anime fan base
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Pico's Boku.
>spoonfeeding thread

God dammit I hope to god there will be a day where murder is legal so I can mow down all squack box quadroon and spics along side the normies.

I know I'll get taken down eventually but at least I'll die knowing removed some of the most annoying element of society with me.

Fuck you op
Google is your best friend that's also a stalker/gossip.
If you don't mind stalkers, go for it.
I heard Naruto is very popular.

No, in all seriousness I think that Elfen Lied would suit you perfectly.
Too many rec threads spammer kun. Most autists are in the big thread, we the funny anons.
Code Geas, Death Note, Shingeki no Kyojin, Swort Art Online, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Soul Eater, Detective Conan, Steins;Gate, Kill la Kill, Naruto, Hidamari Sketch, Lucky Star, Mirai Nikki...

captcha: newedept coffin
Finally, someone who's not a complete dick. I'll check it out, thanks.

Go die.
Boku no Bible Kill la Kill yourself
He's making fun of you. Elfen lied is rubbish.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Code Geass
Cromartie Highschool

If you don't like any of those then you're not welcome here.

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