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I don't think anime companies have enough money to ever take legal action against us.

i dont care but i like emma
They're afraid to! Have you seen Neuro 14 or SZS? The instant we glimpse them we're gonna whip out a gun, shoot them, open up their country for financial rape (again/more so) and sue their asses off.
In the end, they just don't care. Face it, the West (that is, every other country that's NOT Japan) doesn't pay for anime, Japan pays for anime. The Elevens couldn't care less about the foreign market since it's nothing but a drop in the bucket to their profits. And since fansubbing only exists to cater to those same insignificant non-Japanese countries, what should it matter to them?
All these drooling zookeepers had to do was give Emma an English dub. An investment but an investment that would've wield some sort of return nonetheless.

That's beyond "sad Sacchin" and straight towards "YOU'LL NEVER GET ANY NEW EYE-HEROIN EVER AGAIN!!"

Skip the 11's. All of us lazy numbers suck.
yeah but then again they could just stop all together and get other jobs
Fansubbing in the older days was more of a preview and then you could buy the show if you liked it.

Now fansubbing is the master, and superior. So why need a NA industry?

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