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Since the Ping Pong anime was announced, I'd like to know something - how did /a/'s Yuasa fans feel about how Kick-Heart turned out?

PS. try to keep the 'it was too short' criticisms to a minimum because

1. It's in the past, the short won't magically become longer if you complain now

2. Some of the best anime are shorts

So just say what you think about what it did with its limited run time.
Bad plot, disgusting art. Tatami was Yuasa's only good work.
This. Fuck Mind Game.
Worst anime of 2013.
Not bad, and was interesting. I didn't like how you could see some of the sketches instead of actual characters though. I know people will yell style, but it just looked bad. Overall I liked it though, and I liked the OST.
If you're going to remove the main point anyone is going to say, you're not really going to get many responses. I really don't think it was made to be all that short, so don't give me any of that bullshit about some of the best anime being shorts.

It was genuinely lackluster, failed to impress. There was nothing really to impress with.
Yuasa's "style" is repulsive to look at; Tatami's style was bearable because he was forced to hold back the 'style' i.e. actually have half-decent art. Kemonozume is even worse.
60 bucks well spent
So do you believe it's impossible for something to be really good and 12 minutes long? If not, then that means your criticism is the execution, not the length.
>Kemonozume is even worse
Damn, and I was looking forward to watching that.
No, I believe that this anime in particular was not especially made to be 12 minutes long and so it's a stupid excuse.
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Kemonozume is by far the worst-looking anime I've ever seen.
I said that because I wanted to see actual opinions. "Lackluster" is empty, stock reviewer jargon.

Do you think it would have been impossible to make it more to your taste with the given time limit?
That...doesn't look so bad. I heard it's a good show though, so I'm not going to let the style bother me too much.
Sorry, I was just shitposting to bump the thread but now I feel sorry that someone actually took me seriously so I'll just admit it.

Kemonozume looks fantastic. Kick-Heart too.
With Yuasa's visions in mind, yes. Flashy and grandiose. It seemed to me like the wrong thing to aim for in general.
Oh okay. I was going to say it almost looked like Tekkonkinkreet and I liked that style. Sorry that I couldn't tell you were just kidding.
Nah it was trolling, I specifically tried to make it seem serious. I do it to bump threads and then get sincere once people start posting.

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