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So I decided to try out this series. /a/, and it is shit. I can't believe anyone on this board used to like it.

First of all, the characters. There's the main protagonist, a generic hyper teenage boy with a stupid hat and a very poorly-defined goal. Then you have the orangehead girl, whose only purpose is to provide fanservice and beat up the MC whenever he does something stupid. And then there's the cook whose only defining personality is his love for random women, and despite supposedly being strong he never participates in any major battles. Finally, there's the obligatory mascot character who used to have some personality, but then his design changed and changed until he just became a generic cute teddy bear of a character. Come on, can Ikue Otani do any voice besides "glorified pet"?

Then there's the MC's childhood friend who is stronger, more charismatic, and overall a better character than the MC who suddenly disappears from the series because he was too cool to keep fighting. At the very least, he fared better than the dozens of characters who become friends with the MC, leave, and are never mentioned from again. Speaking of losing, how come the MC has squared off with gods before, but then jobs to some inexplicably stronger character just because the status quo has to be upheld? And finally, they put so much emphasis on the kid's hat, as if they knew they were going to make copies of it and sell them to the masses. Fucking disgusting.

It's just so sad that there are some unique concepts here, but they are thrown aside for typical shonenshit. But then again, that's what you get when it airs in Japan at, like, 9 in the morning. It might have even been salvageable for kids if 4kids didn't create the shttiest dub ever.

Seriously, what do you guys actually see in the Pokemon anime? Pic unrelated.
It's enjoyable if you don't try to take it srsly what you seemingly did op, so lost cause for you, my bad.
Digimon was better.

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