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So, is there ever going to be another season of Gintama? Or is it finally over with the gintama kanketsu-hen yorozuya movie and the most recent manga chapter?

Is it just on hiatus? Or is the ride finally over? Anyone here have any info? I don't see any info on any of the sites I frequent indicating that it's over for good, but there's also nothing stating that it's coming back either.
No one knows.

Nice gif, tumblr.
I actually saved it in a thread on /a/ a long time ago. It's a pretty nice gif. even though it has nothing to do with the topic, I still thought it'd be a nice gif. to use for OP
I hope I'm not the only one wondering what the fuck's going on and if we're ever gonna get more Gin action. I hope in the next season charts that show up on /a/, that there's a new season of gintama included in it. I can only hope
Fucking Sunrise, everyone is giving them money, but they won't announce another season.
It's not that they wont announce it, it's more like they refuse to announce it because they want it to be a surprise.
I always wondered if any studios would ever try to surprise audiences by - instead of setting a time and date of release of a new season, if they'd secretly buy a time slot on television, and then without any prior warning or notice to anyone, start airing episodes secretly in order to get people excited as shit.

Imagine just for a moment you're watching whatever, and whatever you're watching ends, and you're just chilling and all the sudden, without expecting it, you hear gintama theme music playing and you look up to see that there's a never before seen episode of gintama on japanese tv or w/e, and there was no prior notice of it because the studios wanted to surprise everyone and get everyone as excited as possible.

Have they ever done anything like that before with any series?
Wouldn't they lose sales if they did that though? So in actuality, probably not. I suppose it would make more sense monetary wise to announce it to audiences so they can prepare for it, instead of catching people off guard with a sudden "SURPRISE, IT'S GINTAMA, WE'RE BACK" episode and then half of the fanbase misses the episode due to being unaware, but still just the premise of them pulling a "SURPRISE, WE'RE BACK" episode without warning simply to get people excited as fuck, sounds like something gintama would do.

I mean after all, they've had so many fake endings, fake movies, and have done other crazy shit with their time slots and dates that I wouldn't put it past them to suddenly appear out of nowhere halfway through the season.
I don't know if we'll ever seen more animated Gintama, but that doesn't mean it's over. The manga is still going strong, you know?

Explicitly not advertising something is a pretty poor way is a pretty poor way to get people excited about it. It would be exciting for the fans who accidentally saw came across it, but most fans would miss it and most of the people who did see it wouldn't know what it was.

The closest thing I can think of is when Kyoani announced a re-airing of Haruhi, and at the end of it had it segue into a stealth-announced Season 2. But you can't really really keep it a total secret because broadcasting companies can't just put a question mark for given time slot.
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definely, this is not over yet
That's pretty fucking hott
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something must be bad with you if think of that way

>Have they ever done anything like that before with any series?

No, because your idea is fucking retarded.
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Why is Gin-san so sexual?
We are definitely getting another season, the Sunrise staff is just waiting for the manga to build up enough chapters to make another 1 to 2 year run.

That being said, what manga arc do you guys think they are going to animate first? I'm hoping it will start with the Yamazaki/Tama omiai arc.
>and the most recent manga chapter?

What? The manga isn't over. It just started some backstory arc about Sakamoto.

>That being said, what manga arc do you guys think they are going to animate first? I'm hoping it will start with the Yamazaki/Tama omiai arc.

Both last two Gintama anime started with arcs where everything suddenly changed (timeskip, Kintama). So, I'd bet on the bodyswap or genderswap arcs.

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