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>Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, The Tatami Galaxy, Kick-Heart) will direct a television anime adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto's Ping Pong manga this spring.



Is anime saved?
>Is anime saved?

Stop it you retard.
>Dat BGM

I don't think I've ever been more excited for an anime.

I'll pass.
Based Yuasa will make even ping pong fun, you just watch. Anime is saved for another year least.

Honestly I don't even know why I watched anime even more. There is only like one good anime a year.

At least i'll be watching something other than kill la kil this year...
Please stop taking the perception of your Chinese cartoons on /a/ so seriously.
>will make even ping pong fun
Because ping pong is fucking awesome. And the manga was amazing.
Yuasa could be adapting a more interesting manga like Sunny or Takemitsu Zamurai.
Please stop spouting shitty forced memes.
Ping Pong is Matsumoto's best work.
I wish 4c were doing it rather than Tatsunoko at least you would have known for sure they would have done a good job with his designs and style again.
I've yet to read or watch Ping Pong but I'm aware of the reputation it has, but I've been waiting with bated breath for anything Yuasa so this is amazing.
This marks the first time I've been so excited for a show before airing in a while. tybg
I wouldn't even put it on my top 5. It was pretty boring honestly.

Sunny will be his masterpiece when it's done.

The live action movie was amazing, the anime should be good too
>It was pretty boring honestly
This is where I make the post claiming the objectively superior opinion and denigrate you for disagreeing.
is the movie ping pong derived from the manga?


Fucking superLama
I thought it was amazing. I don't see how it was boring.
It had a nice balance of fast and slow pacing between the ping pong matches and everything else.
Not to say that Sunny isn't amazing as well though. It's probably my second favorite.
finally, i've been waiting for a good anime since tatami galaxy ended
Pretty sure that was the live action adaptation yes.
The art in this is going to look all rough and sketchy like Kemonozume, right? I can't see it having the fluidity of Tatami Galaxy with the character design in the manga.
Looks rotoscoped to me from the CM.
What part of it looks rotoscoped at all?
The characters of course.
I need to rewatch the movie
It actually looks pretty decent which is saying something for a live action manga.
Yeah, I was surpised how good it was

Generally these suck but this time they took their time to flesh out the characters and to hire good actors

The soundtrack is also god tier

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