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Slowpoke, just watched No-rin.

Why is she so fucking pure? Yukatan is pretty high-tier too but

>Childhood friend who fucking offers you her panties when you say you want a pair of girl's underwear

How fucking pure can you get? Holy god damned shit. 10/10 best utterly devoted childhood friend jesus christ.
how did she take them off through her shorts?
Nice blog, faggot.
Are decent subs finally out? No way I'm going to watch Funi's shit.
File: 98969849.png (707.52 KB, 1051x587)
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You have a weird definition for the word pure, OP. Not that I hate her or anything, but she's seems pretty perverted. That scene, the foot scene and the ''p-p-p-penis'' scene makes her perverted as fuck and far from ''pure''. The pure one is the best girl. pic related
Man, fat pink girls are the best.

Take that back

Yes. Chihiro does a decent job at making the subs bearable.


She's pure in her devotion to the MC. Name another girl in anime who offers up her panties to the MC like that. I mean, sure, some will offer to show them to the MC, but none I can think of actually take off their panties and fucking offers them to the MC.

Also, this show is comedy fucking gold, I swear.
>The pure one is the best girl. pic related

yeah, egg with a condom is sure pure.

Face it, nobody is pure in this show.
The last show this wacky that I can think of is FMP: Fumoffu.

Maybe it's just the panties that reminds me of *that* episode.

The comedy reminds me of a tamer, more perverted Milky Holmes. Something like NouKome, actually. Regardless, it's pretty fuckin' great.
It's nice to see a show where the main character, his buddy, and his childhood friend are all perverts.

Has there been a show like this, where most of the characters in a show are complete perverts, instead of just one or two? Not counting SYD.
File: gonnacarrythatweight.png (264.37 KB, 1280x720)
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Too bad she's a fattie


File: 1357784232325.jpg (153.23 KB, 600x526)
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>''Oh no! She said condom! What a slut!''
>not Nourin

You and HS can suck my dick, faggot.
MC = Awesome
Childhood Friend = Awesome
The other guy = Awesome +2
Tits with Cow = Growing on me.
Ukatan Peninsula = Started off shit, getting slightly better

Why are you so upset over something like that?
I had difficulty finding subs on nyaa because HS didn't title the series correctly.

Just search for "rin". That gets me everything I need.

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